Saturday, April 30, 2011


WA-KA-MEEEEE!!! That's how my old boss used to call it. He loved that word.

I always drove by Wakame Sushi on my way to work but never thought to check it out since I really hate the plaza that it's located in. People in the area do not know how to drive nor park. It's a disaster there.

However, since it's pretty close to work I've had the chance to order takeout from there a few times for work lunches.

On my last day at work my boss took us all out for sushi for my farewell.

We decided to go for the lunch buffet at Wakame.

One of my colleagues did the ordering so hope I got the names right for all the dishes.

Here was the fried calamari. It wasn't crispy enough and none of us really liked this dish. Bad start so far.

Here was our first round of sushi. Pretty common rolls here like the spicy salmon, tuna, etc. It was yummy.

Here was mostly salmon rolls but nobody really liked this maybe because it was just too much salmon. Weird that we would complain about having too much fish at a sushi buffet lol. But I do have to point out the salmon was fresh.

Here were a few hand rolls. I like the one with the bbq eel more. It was tasty.

Onto another round of salmon. Here was the salmon sushi pizza. The fish was good but the rice cake was a bit too mushy.Think it just needed to be cooked a bit longer.

I really enjoyed the bbq eel sushi pizza. For some reason the rice cake here was much more crispier than the previous one. Maybe it was made by another chef or maybe the last one was made to quickly. Whatever the reason the second time around was much better.

For dessert I got green tea ice cream. It was full of green tea flavor and not too bitter at all.

I was greedy and wanted to try the fried banana tempura as well. The first bite was yummy but then I found it to be extremely oily so it was a turnoff after. I didn't finish it all since it was so greasy but still delish.

For a sushi buffet I think the food was decent. Way better than the Wasabi buffet in Richmond Hill. Thanks boss for a great farewell lunch:)

TOTAL BILL $15 per person for lunch buffet...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

638 Sheppard Ave. West
(close to Bathurst)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

for AYCE, you guys didn't order much =P

Eat Here Next said...

actually we did just the same stuff lol

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