Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aoyama Sushi

Another hidden gem in the city of North York.

I've been wanting to try Aoyama sushi for a while since I've read several good reviews about the place. Finally I made the trip and can now cross it off my list.

I made reservations for 6pm but ended up arriving around 5:30pm since me and my boyfriend were starving. The place was empty. It was really small yet inviting. Just like any other sushi place we were warmly greeted with a smile. We were seated right next to the sushi bar where we could watch the sushi chef's knife skills hard at work.

I believe this restaurant is operated by Japanese people so the food is authentic Japanese cuisine.

There was this cute display right at the end of the bar that caught my eye. It was actually a small display of their takeout menu.

Here was the marinated Mozuku seaweed. It was extremely vinegary for my taste. I think I should have gone with the regular seaweed salad instead.

Here was the Hirame Usuzukuri which was thinly sliced fluke with citrus vinegar. It was delicious and positively fresh.

Here was the Maguro no tataki which was slightly cooked tuna sashimi with some sort of sauce. Once again another delight.

Here was the soba noodles with ponzu sauce. The noodles were a little undercooked where it was still a bit hard so we asked the waitress for another batch of noodles. My boyfriend thought the second round of noodles were a lot smaller than when it first arrived. Maybe they didn't think it was undercooked. Nevertheless, the accompanying sauce was very tasty.

Here was the spider roll. It was mediocre so nothing to report here.

Here was the grilled squid. The pool of sauce that was surrounding the squid was truly exquisite. I kept rolling my piece of squid a few times in the sauce ensuring that it soaked up as much of the sauce as possible before inhaling the squid.

Here was the Gindara which was grilled marinated black cod. The fish was extremely flaky and undeniably succulent. Once again, whatever sauce they added it went perfectly well with the cod. I scraped off every flake of fish off of the plate.

Here was the 17 piece Omakase sashimi plate. There was definitely no frozen fish on this plate. Everything was fresh. The only thing I did not enjoy was the plop of orange mush aka sea urchin. I never tried it before and thought I would give it a shot. Only a tiny drop went in my mouth and I almost gagged. It was absolutely repulsive. Maybe my boyfriend was right it was an acquired taste. One I will never get used to.

To end the meal I ordered the black sesame ice cream. OMG! It was yummy and immensely full of black sesame flavor. Simply delectable.

Surprisingly we were both full. At first I didn't think it was enough food but it was more than enough. Maybe next time I might try the Omakase menu instead.


Aoyama Sushi
2766 Victoria Park
(close to Finch)

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The Food Junkie said...

So was the soba undercooked or cold? Not sure since you said "re-heat" since they are supposed to be served cold~ Haha yeah sea urchin is an acquired taste for sure...either you love it, or hate it =D

kiki's B.F.F said...

You should have ordered the Monk Fish liver, it's super good (Jap pate)... just looking at these pics make me want to go back

Eat Here Next said...

lol was tired when i was typing this out but fixed it now:) the noodles were undercooked where it was still for the sea urchin i HATE it!!!

@kiki aww man no worries i will return there again some day:) i really luv their blk sesame ice cream and the sauces they used for their dishes...also that blk cod was really really yummy

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