Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I wanted to grab a sandwich at Black Camel but the one that I wanted wouldn't be ready till another 20 minutes so I decided to head to Patachou since it was close by and it was on my list to try.

Here was the complimentary bread basket. I hate the balls of butter because it's too difficult to spread onto the bread. I like the whipped butter instead so much easier to put on.

I got the tourtiere. The meat pie was filled with a whole load of beef and pork. It was delicious and very filling. I actually didn't finish this dish since there was just too much meat for me but I did finish the pastry portion of it. It was flaky good.

I just had to try the chocolate almond croissant since it looked so yummy. Unfortunately, I could not taste the almond flavor at all. Chocolate yes but almond flavor no where to be found. Also it wasn't as fluffy as the other places that I've had.

The service at Patachou was courteous and quick. What I also found great about the place was that the tables with the stools had a hook where you can hang either your bag or umbrella. It was very convenient for those of us girls with our big handbags which practically takes up half of our seat leaving us to either sit on the edge of the seat or place the bag on top of our laps. Very good concept and bag-friendly for us ladies.

On my next trip I want to try their desserts or even their macarons. Can't believe I didn't buy any to begin with but guess I've been eating too much so I was all macaroned-out.


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amysfoodadventures said...

I actually saw Patachou Patisserie near Cafe Amaranto (where I volunteered on Sunday). I want to try their pastries but it wasn't open! Argh.

Eat Here Next said...

awww that sucks i have to return & try their macarons maybe i will join u;)

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