Sunday, May 1, 2011

Restoran Malayasia

During the drive to Restoran Malayasia my friend constantly kept reminding me that she cannot eat anything spicy. Even when we were seated at the restaurant she had to say it again lol. Got the memo the first time K:P

At the entrance this smiling Buddha caught my eye. Every time I see a happy Buddha makes me want to rub the belly for good luck hehe.

We were seated on this side of the room but our table was right in front of the window facing the entrance where every single patron entering will see us stuffing our faces with food.

The item I wanted to try was the homemade roti with curry beef. The roti was sweet and paired perfectly well with the juicy tender beef. I would have loved to order another plate of this tasty dish.

I also picked the fried chicken wings kampung-style with tumeric plum sauce. I thought it was some sort of special wings but it was just regular chicken wings. Mind you it tasted great but thought it would have been different or something.

Here was the dish my friend ordered. Pad thai with shrimp, chicken, sweet pepper, bean sprouts and egg topped with toasted peanuts. It wasn't spicy that's for sure. However, it was just mediocre. For me, Khao San Road still rocks at #1 on my list with their pad thai. Mmmm thinking about it just makes me drool.

For dessert we had the bubur pulut hitam which is rice pudding made with black glutinous rice and sweetened with palm sugar and drenched with coconut cream. It tasted like any other Asian rice pudding to me. Nothing spectacular.

I had also bought takeout for my boyfriend. He can handle the heat so I got the hot and spicy sambal (sambal tumis kampung) with chicken. It had a picture of 3 chilis beside the dish name. I was disappointed when I opened the package. The portion was really small and this dish costed $12. My boyfriend finished it in 2 bites and he was still hungry. Wished I had checked before I left but thinking this was suppose to be a main dish it would suffice. Apparently I was wrong. Aside from the tiny portion, this dish was HOT HOT HOT!!! Although it was tasty it was just too much heat for my boyfriend. So beware of the dishes with 3 chilies.

I have never tried Malayasian food before so I didn't know what to expect. The only dish I really enjoyed was their roti. Their other dishes were yummy but nothing exciting. Then again looking at the dishes I ordered they weren't really Malayasian either. Honestly we were confused when reading the menu so didn't have a clue what to order. I tried texting a friend for some recommendations but he replied after we had received our dishes. I definitely need to return again and try the real food. But going to make sure I don't order any dish with 3 chilies.


815 Major Mackenzie Drive East
(close to Bayview)

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The Food Junkie said...

It can get a bit pricey at Restoran due to the lack of competition in uptown. It is still a great place for Malaysian food but I agree that the menu can get confusing!

Eat Here Next said...

surprise with so many Asian restos around yet Malayasian cuisine there's hardly any to be found

marzz said...

I agree. Their menu is so confusing. Ordered the first item on the rice menu (coconut rice or something) and it wasn't at all what we expected. Craving roti after having FANTASTIC homemade roti at a party, we ordered both their beef curry roti and their chicken curry roti. Beef curry was better than the chicken, but the roti itself was very disappointing in comparison to the homemade roti we'd had the day before.

RM is pretty successful though, always busy on weekends.

Eat Here Next said...

never tried homemade roti before wish someone could make it for me lol

SunnyP said...

Dear Eat Here Next.........
Its spelled in large letters above the restaurant, MALAYSIA........ being Malaysian its difficult to see it mispelled.

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