Thursday, April 28, 2011


I went to Woodlot for dinner for the Telus Tuesday promo where you buy one entree and your dessert and appetizer is on the house paid for by Telus. It was only for the month of April so reservations was a must. The only time available that I was able to book it for was at 8:15pm.

Located in Little Italy, Woodlot is off of a side street on Palmerston. When I entered I thought I had went through the kitchen door since there was a rack of trays directly by the door. I discovered it was the main entrance after all. The restaurant is very tiny and quite cramped. In fact it didn't even look like a restaurant. The bar was at the right of the entrance and there was a row of people sitting close to the entrance as well. I have to say it was kinda awkward. From my view standing all I saw was a row of heads. Sorry not great at describing it here wished I had taken a picture. Guess you will see what I mean when you go there yourself.

Once me and my friend were seated we were a bit disappointed by the lighting. Being the foodies we were we instantly knew that our pictures will not be so great with the dim lighting. I even tried to steal an extra candle for more lighting and that didn't really help either.

Here was the torched Hokkaido scallops and lentil salad with prosciutto, pickled cabbage and port vinaigrette. This was scrumptious. The scallops were well prepared and well seasoned. The display was great.

Here was the smoked whitefish and marinated potato salad with spring lettuce, herbs and sherry hazelnut vinaigrette. This was delicious as well. For some reason the fish tasted like bacon to me and it was yummy.

The side of gnocchi was one of the most memorable dishes for me even though it was just a side. It was really tasty. Good call on that Alfonso.

Here was the dry aged 12oz Calhoun Farms striploin steak with prune jus and thyme butter. I found the meat at the ends to be pretty dry. The meat in the middle was much more tender and succulent.

Here was the confit duck and maple glazed pork belly on top of a bed of braised white beans, sorrel and breadcrumbs. I think we were talking too long so the duck kinda got cold. It was yummy but compared to other places I've had it just didn't wow me as much.

Here was the wood fired apple tatin with burnt honey gelato. The apples were not overly sweet nor tart it was yummy.

Here was the soma chocolate and hazelnut pot de creme. This was bitter and personally I do not like dark chocolate so this was my least favorite of the meal.

Truthfully, the only dishes that were memorable were the scallops and the side of gnocchi. I didn't really care for the remaining dishes. The only reason I'm rating this as "Once is Enough" is because the only reason I had a great time was because of my companion but food-wise nothing really excited me. It was hard enough writing this post. I just wasn't inspired at all. Others have raved about this place but it just wasn't that great to me. Also one thing I do have to point out is the service was great so try it out for yourself maybe you will be like the others and will think I'm the crazy one instead.


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The Food Junkie said...

Oh too bad you didn't like Woodlot :( I enjoyed the food tremendously both times I was there; one time regular, one time was for Telus Tuesday. My friends all enjoyed their meal as much as I did too. It is now one of my favourite restuarants in Toronto and I would recommend it to anyone. Their service is also superb and attentive too~ You should also consider the fact that Woodlot change their menu very often - as in, their whole menu changes, not just a few items. So for restaurants that change menus often (not even specific to Woodlot) it maybe unfair to say "once is enough" because if you have went this month instead of last month, for example, your prespective for the place may change, especiall it's not like they served bad tasting food. Just my two cents ^_^

kiki's B.F.F said...

I haven't been able to book a table for Telus Tuesday at all =( guess I'll have to go back for their regular soon =P

Eat Here Next said...

@foodjunkie oh i agree the service was great no complaints there but it's just if it didn't wow me the first time i dont think i would likely return unless my friends wanna go or there ws something really interesting on the many other restos to try:)

Eat Here Next said...

@kiki im sure u will find something to eat on the reg menu i just dunno watz good but i'm sure Stella can help you there:)


woodlot's on my list of future food adventures and i was super excited to go...should I still be? :S

Eat Here Next said...

@Carmen you should still go try it out several people seem to rave about it...i seem to be the only exception for some reason...or maybe i just didn't order the right dish lol

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