Friday, April 22, 2011

Reggie's Old Fashioned Sandwiches

After dinner at Brassaii, I was still hungry so I walked down the street to Reggie's to grab a couple of sandwiches for takeout.

The menu is not your regular Subway or Quizno menu. No sireee. It's way better and sounds much more exciting.

After a few minutes of contemplation I chose the Philly cheese steak and the duck confit and brie sandwich. Yes I said DUCK CONFIT.

Here was the philly cheese steak with peppers, onions, garlic, sirloin and mozzarella. I grabbed this for my boyfriend unfortunately, I didn't get to try it since I went to walk my dogs and when I returned he had already inhaled the whole sandwich. Not one crumb was left. Guess it was that good.

Here was the duck confit and brie sandwich with sweet cherry tomato and julienne apple. This was delicious. Brie and duck is a great combination. The bread however was a bit too hard for me. I would have preferred one that didn't rip my gums.

They are opened till 5am which is perfect for club hoppers and other late nite diners. Too bad this sandwich shop isn't close to me otherwise I would add this along with the Owl to my list of places for midnight snacks.


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The Food Junkie said...

As you know duck confit sandwich is a must try for me LOL is ok i will just come out w/ bleeding gums =D

iflookscouldfill said...

Both of those look amazing! I'm definitely going to try this place out next time I'm in the neighborhood!


i went here a couple of months ago and i got the duck confit too! I have to agree with the tough crust on the bread. But the brie was so thick :D:D their tomato soup is pretty legit as well ;)

kiki's B.F.F said...

I want to try the duck confit too =P can't we just ask them for another style of bread instead?

Eat Here Next said...

@foodjunkie lol hope it was worth it for you as it was for me haha

@iflookscouldfill yes and it's opened till 5am so no excuses:)

@carmenhungry have to try the soup next time then:)

@kiki'sbff hmmm will have to try asking that next time altho I wanna try their other sandwiches as well

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