Saturday, April 9, 2011

Joey Don Mills

This picture here is actually the ladies washroom facility not the actual restaurant. Pretty neat eh? I showed it to my boyfriend and he said that the men's was dark and cold looking. Then again the women's washroom always appears prettier than the guys. Don't think the guys spend as much time as the ladies do in there (for different reasons not the necessity part hehe) so maybe that's the logic as to why the female facilities always appear nicer than the boys. Any hoot back to the restaurant. Sorry I started with the washroom first haha but I just thought it looked pretty cool.

The reason I wanted to try Joey Don Mills was because I was searching online for a place where I can get a chocolate souffle and I saw a few reviewers recommending this restaurant located at the newly developed outdoor mall Shops at Don Mills. This mall has only been opened since 2009 but in my opinion there's really not much to look at. It's perfect for residents in the neighborhood to stroll around or bring their kids to the little water fountain in the summer but other than that I wouldn't consider it a mall.

We arrived around 1pm and the place was not busy at all. Perfect for us since we were starving. Upon entering the restaurant I was astounded at the size of the place it was enormous. The decor appeared to be quite cold with the gray, black and brown leather. Think it looked like Moxies but for a more older clientele.

I really liked this chandeliar. It was in the stairwell leading to the washroom It was a piece of art but I would imagine difficult to clean.

We started off with the ahi tuna tacos. The tuna was seared rare and was topped on a bunch of sesame ginger and coleslaw accompanied with a wasabi-lime aioli sauce. The tacos were bursting with flavor and I don't think it even needed the aioli. Almost too much flavor where it overpowered the tuna. I almost forgot about the piece of fish if it wasn't for the soft texture. The wasabi-lime sauce was quite bland and didn't really add much to the tacos.

My boyfriend ordered the beef dip sandwich with thinly shaved pieces of tender beef, grilled onions and dijon mustard on an Italian bun served with au jus and a huge bowl of skinny fries. The meat on its own lacked flavor but once dipped in the bowl of sauce ta da that's where all the flavor came from. It was scrumptious but very messy to eat. Even my boyfriend had trouble fitting it into his mouth so he tried to compress it so it would fit.

Here was my meal. This was on my list to try as well. The Atlantic lobster grilled cheese sandwich with brie and cheddar cheese.

At first I was a bit disappointed at the size of the sandwich. It was ONE sandwich but cut into quarters and then piled on top of one another to appear like it's a big portion. I thought I was getting jipped here. But with the richness of the lobster added with the heaviness of the cheese guess the portion was right after all. I was stuffed. It was really cheesy good but so rich. I dipped it in the cocktail sauce which cut the richness a bit but I found it more appetizing when I dipped it in my boyfriend's au jus. Now that made it more tastier.

The bowl of fries I did not care for since I like my fries crispy and this still needed to be fried a lil bit longer. Huge portion but needed it to be crispy.

Now the star of the meal and the one I've been waiting to try, my molten lava chocolate souffle. We waited around 15 minutes or so for this dessert. Or maybe it was shorter but I was just too impatient. Well when you see this arrive aren't you just ready to dig in?

I pierced into the cake with my fork and this mountain of chocolate sauce came oozing out. OMG! There's a reason why it's called lava cake because the chocolate almost burned my tongue. But it was quickly soothed by the coldness of the vanilla ice cream and the raspberry sauce. This is now my favourite chocolate cake. This was ORGASMIC!!! I mean it's so good you just wanna slap your momma. Okay maybe not lol. But it really is that good.

If anybody plans to try out this souffle let me know and I will be there to eat it err enjoy it with you:)


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The Food Junkie said...

I think Joey's overall menu and items are way superior than the other chains in Toronto right now. They have been pretty consistent as well since I've been there quite a few times since it has opened.

huongkongy said...

Ah joey's..i've never eaten there before, but my friends work there so i can assure you that they actually care about their food quality :)
i can't wait to eat here...both the food and decor look amazing

Eat Here Next said...

@thefoodjunkie they are opening one at eatons cant wait...have to try their apple pie that looked humongous & yummy

@huongkongy WAT??!! u have friends who work there yet u never took advantage to get some free food lol i highly recommend going wat are u waiting for go NOW!!!

marzz said...

My daughter and I are always at Shops at Don Mills (hello, Anthropologie!). We shied away from Joey's (we're cheap), but def going now. Thanks Karen!

Eat Here Next said...

Marla i highly recommend going for that molten lava cake it was definitely worth the trip nomnomnom just drooling thinkin bout it:)

SpatulaGeek said...

Came across this blog while searching for a brunch places. Why do they always think that all guys just want to do their business and just leave? In Realsports Bar they some small lcd screens and a large lcd hung near the door. I'm not a big sports fan but I like the fact they put more thought into the washroom.

Joey's should put your surf and turf grilled cheese creation on their menu and name it after you! Grilled cheese, steak and lobster is probably the most decadent comfort food of all time.

Scary part is that I'm going to be working at 'Shops at Don Mills' now and there are quite a few places to go after work. Have to hit the gym even harder now. :(

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