Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goodies from the One of a Kind Show

My sister-in-law was helping out a friend at the One of a Kind show. Lucky for me she was able to get me in for free. Woohoo!!!

It was my first time at the show so I was excited to see what goodies I would find.

I zoomed through the entire room in half an hour. Let's just say nothing really caught my eye except for aisles C and D or was it B and C. Either way it's the aisles that sells food hehe.

I got 6 macarons for $10 from Sweet Definition. That was cheap. The flavors I got were passionfruit, coconut, chocolate raspberry, pistachio and a few other flavors I can't seem to remember. It was yummy.

They also had cupcakes as well.

I also got a bag of Demerara butter crunch white chocolate and almond from Milsean. One bag was $10 or 3 for $24. These were truly melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Here is chocolate almond brittle from Brook's Delectable Chocolates. Sorry the picture is blurry should've taken a picture of it when I ate it but sadly I forgot. It was $5 for a small bag. I love brittle and this definitely hit the spot.

Here were treats from The Hot Lollies. $8 each or 6 pack for $42. They looked tempting but when I tried a sample it was slightly too sweet for me. I prefer the other treats that I got.

Here were cookies from Mad Batter Bakers. They didn't give any samples at least not when I was wondering around so I didn't buy any to try. You have to give me a sample before I buy. Well at least all the other vendors were doing it lol.

Here were some caramel apples from Bruce County at $11 each. Wow just for an apple. I personally don't like caramel apples so I didn't buy it but they sure did look adorable. This one here was called Mojito.

To me, there wasn't enough food vendors at the show but I heard the Christmas show has way more vendors to browse through. I definitely want to check out the Christmas show now. Thanks Jane for getting me in. Looking forward to the next show:)


The Food Junkie said...

You're right. That's one expensive apple O_o

kiki's B.F.F said...

they should def. have a one of a kind food show then I would go for sure =P

Karen Ling said...

hahaha i agree...who can pass up on a FOOD show

kiki's B.F.F said...

the thing is I never understand why we have to pay to get in to these shows.... show be free admission since we are going in to buy stuff (>_<)?

Karen Ling said...

no argument there OR us foodies should receive a discount OR FREE FOOD

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