Monday, April 25, 2011

Ichiban Fish House

Ichiban. It's not spectacular but it's not horrible. Just one of those places my boyfriend likes to go to just cause he's been going there for some time. I'm not sure about the other locations but this location is operated by Korean people.

Thought this piece of metal was cute. All dressed up too and ready to serve.

Here was the complimentary edamame.

Here was the complimentary cold tofu dish.

Here was the sashimi boat. The fish was fresh.

Here was the black cod. It was extremely bland. No flavor whatsoever. Definitely doesn't compare to Aoyama where it was buttery and flaky.

The zaru soba was yummy.

Here were the sushi rolls. We got black dragon roll and spicy sake roll. The dragon roll was really small compared to other restaurants. Normally they are suppose to be big but here when it came out I was very shocked at the size of it. Also don't know if there was any sake in the sake roll since all I tasted was salmon. Maybe they meant to call it salmon roll instead but just misspelled it lol.

For dessert I got the tempura ice cream. My boyfriend thought it was disgusting with the gummy texture. I thought it was just ok but the tempura flakes were really oily so I only had a few bites.

The only dishes worth ordering is the sashimi and zaru soba other than that don't bother with anything else.


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amysfoodadventures said...

"Ichiban. It's not spectacular but it's not horrible." - that's actually how I'd describe it, lol. I think they're okay but I guess it depends on the location as well. I like the one at Empress Walk.

Eat Here Next said...

i've been to that location as well & same thought still hehe "not spectacular but it's not horrible"

karlantonette said...

I haven't read far enough into your blog to know if you've ever been, but may I HIGHLY suggest Zen Japanese Restaurant ( for sushi for fresh, melt in your mouth fish =)

Eat Here Next said...

my friend went to that place and she loved it i have to try it one day but so many on my list already lol

Anonymous said...

I think sake is Japanese for salmon and they were referring to the fish, not the wine =)

Eat Here Next said...

ahhh thx that would make a lot more sense now

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