Friday, April 8, 2011

Terroni Bar Centrale

Such a huge disappointment.

Why did Terroni have to close down their Balmoral location? That was my first time experiencing Terroni where I automatically fell head over heels for their orgasmic flourless chocolate cake. Man oh man I am just drooling thinking about the super moist light airy cake. Mmmmm. But now I discover that they no longer even serve my cake. WTH!!!

I went to check out their new location Terroni Bar Centrale which isn't far from their old location. As I was walking to the place I noticed Nadege Patisserie will be opening next to it. Woohoo!! I can't wait to check that out. It's much more closer now for me to get to so can't wait to try out their desserts.

Back to Terroni. The restaurant was super tiny and extremely narrow. It felt claustrophobic for me. The place was packed but the waitress was nice enough to inform us that a few people should be leaving soon so we wouldn't have to wait as long.

Once seated at the bar, we were given a menu I just couldn't seem to read. I couldn't figure out how it was categorized and what exactly were the dishes. I had to ask the bartender to decipher the menu for me. He told me it was a tapas menu. They don't serve any entrees. However, later on the entire 2nd floor will be transformed into a dining area and the bottom floor will be used for the bar area. That's great to know assuming I would ever return again.

I wanted to try this deep fried chocolate that I saw on the site Foodspotting but only to discover that they never even heard of it. When I went home to check the site again I realized it was from the Balmoral location. Urrrghhhhh... Once again why did they close down the place?!!

We decided to opt for the pistachio beignets. It definitely was not what I had expected. Biting into it I was expecting a soft donut texture but instead got a hard cookie. The filling inside was pistachio flavoring with a lemony hint to it. I personally don't like citrus flavoring so this was not appetizing to me. My dessert at Table 17 was way better than this. We should have just stayed there and ordered more desserts.

The service was great but I'm just still angry at the fact that my chocolate cake is no longer there so I don't think I will be returning again.

TOTAL BILL $10...ONCE IS ENOUGH (for the dessert only)

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The Food Junkie said...

I went to Terroni once and it was enough for me. Mediocre food and sub par service. BLAH!

Eat Here Next said...

yea if u want pizza then pizzeria libretto is the way to go:)

i just luv their choc cake but since they no longer serve it this place has now been chopped off my list hehe

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