My Goal

I love to eat. I definitely love to eat out who doesn't. The ambience, atmosphere, good food and well beats eating at home sometimes. Don't have to worry about cooking or the hardest part figuring out what to cook and of course the aftermath, washing the mountain of dishes.

However, the most difficult part when it comes to eating out is picking a place. Living in Toronto, there's an infinite amount of restaurants to choose from. I love to try new places but never know where to go or remember the places I want to try.

So finally I decided to create a list. My list is derived from internet searches, recommendations from friends, drive-bys, advertisements, newsletters basically from all forms of communication available. I have to say didn't realize there were so many places I wanted to try. Now with this list I can easily pick a place to eat without spending half an hour just figuring out where to go.

I have included at the end of each post my own rating. Here is the meaning of each rating.

Eat Here Next!!! - means exactly what it says go and eat there next it really is worth checking out
May Eat Again?! - I don't hate it but I don't love it
Once is Enough! - means my first and last time eating at the restaurant which means I must really hate it

Now the question is will I ever be able to cross off everything on my list since there always appears to be a new restaurant opening or I constantly keep adding new places to my neverending list.

Guess we will see but I sure will enjoy trying. Got my stretchy pants on and we're off:)
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