Friday, April 22, 2011


Follow the red door down a hidden alley and that is where you will find Brassaii.

It's a trendy place and think it's a great spot to hang out with friends but food wise I'm not so sure if I would return again.

The complimentary bread was very fluffy but I only got one bite since I was too busy chatting with my friend.

Next was the pan seared foie gras on brioche french toast with cherry-balsamic chutney. This was decadent. I think it is actually comparable to the foie gras brioche french toast at Hoof Cafe. The only thing missing were the crunchy bits and pieces of hazelnuts. Also this is much less sweeter than the one at Hoof. Since Hoof is now closed I know where to go to satisfy my craving for french toast that is with foie gras.

Here was the dungeoness crab filled wonton ravioli with lobster brandy sauce accompanied with sweet pea and mushroom ragout. This would have been more tastier if it was actually hot instead when it arrived it was close to being cold. Wonder how long this plate was left out on the counter. Not impressed considering the price for this dish and only receiving 3-4 pieces of barely warm ravioli.

Here was the panko crusted roulade of chicken with brie, prosciutto and caramelized apple. The chicken was crispy and I did taste the brie however, I was upset that I couldn't find the prosciutto. One of the main reason why I was enticed to this dish was because of the mention of salty ham in the description. False advertising there.

The only highlight of the meal was the appetizer. Other than that the rest of a meal wasn't magnificent although it came with spectacular pricing. The portions are pretty small which I guess is what you would expect at a trendy place. I was still hungry so I actually went down the street to a sandwich shop to grab more food.

TOTAL BILL $81...MAY EAT AGAIN?! (return for the foie gras french toast that is)

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The Food Junkie said...

You should have sent the cold dish back! I got a voucher for here so I hope their dinner is better :S

kiki's B.F.F said...

I have the voucher too =P crossing my fingers

Chee said...

3rd time is a charm? The place was finally open! :)

iflookscouldfill said...

Do you think that they'd be mad if I only got the foie gras appetizer? It looks so good, and I miss the one at Hoof Cafe so much. :(

Eat Here Next said...

@chee yes it was cause I made reservations this time lol

@iflookscouldfill lol i dont think so i think it's a place more for drinkin and hanging out so I think they will be even more happier that you would even order their food hehe....yes i miss Hoof cafe wonder how the new resto will be like

Eat Here Next said...

@thefoodjunkie i was pretty hungry so didnt want to wait any longer for the food lol

@kiki'sbff hope you have a better experience than me:)

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