Monday, April 4, 2011


I tried to be a vegetarian but it just didn't work out.

I bought a voucher for Commensal after reading that it was a buffet that serves vegetarian food. The menu sounded interesting so I thought it would be a nice change for once to be a herbivore. The one thing that was unique about this place was they charge you based on the weight of the food. Perfect for calorie counters. (not that I'm one of them lol think my blog says it all)

Here was my plate of food. There was Seitan bourguignon, Millet pie, steamed broccoli, beet and apple salad, bean salad, pickled cabbage, squash and one other thing I'm not quite sure of. Out of the whole pile of food the only things that were interesting were the beet and apple salad and the bourguignon. The salad was delicious. The sweet apples were a great sidekick to the red beets. The bourguignon had chunks of seitan which almost tasted like meat to me. If you don't know what seitan is it's made from the gluten of wheat. To vegetarians, this is their meat. For more info on seitan click here.

My friend seemed to have only focused on the salad station. The other stations didn't really appealed to her. Let's just say she wasn't as thrilled with her food either. (Sorry Kristy I will make it up to you)

For dessert she had the brownie which was extremely dry. I just sampled a tiny bit and even from that I was able to taste how unappetizing it was. However, my soya cake was absolutely delicious. Finally a dessert I can eat without feeling guilty. Then again not like I ever did feel that way hehe. I love my sweets.

After all the food we got we still had a few bucks to spend on but we didn't want anymore food. Not that we were full it's just nothing appealed to us. Instead we both got a bottled sparkling water that was flavored with pomegranate and elderflower. I have no clue what elderflower was but the drink was refreshing.

If you do want to give this place a try there are two deals available. On Mondays students receive 50% off. Also there's a similar deal for seniors except it's only applicable on Tuesdays.

Personally I will never return again even with the deal. I think the best vegetarian food is Korean food. Most of their side dishes are meat-free and they are much more tastier to eat.


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The Food Junkie said...

I went once several years ago with my best friend and we both did not like it. It was not because we missed our "meats" or anything, we are fine with vegetarian, but the food was not good. Period. It was uninteresting and totally not worth the money.

Karen Ling said...

oh i completely agree the food was horrible...c'mon i still had extra money to spend but it didn't even go towards the food...that's how bad we disliked the food there

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