Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mexican Salsas

Thinking one voucher wouldn't be enough I bought 2 vouchers for Mexican Salsas. I was wrong.

There are numerous Mexican joints available at Kensington Market and with so much competition I don't understand how they all survive. I think each place specializes in a particular dish which is how they are able to maintain afloat in the little market.

At Mexican Salsas I think their food is much more rustic and kinda like a fast food joint but the great thing about this place is it's cheap and filling.

Here is their logo. Think it looks like a rooster or some sort of creature.

From the menu you choose your outer layer and then your fillings and toppings. Simple right? WRONG!!! I couldn't decide on what meat I wanted nor what wrap. I couldn't tell which meat was what. The owner was kind enough to let me sample a bit of each of the meat fillings available.

Finally I made my selections.

Here was the taquito with pork. I forgot what the actual name was I like to say it's either carnitas or cochinita but it might not be either. This was delicious although a bit skimpy on the meat nevertheless, my cousin enjoyed it.

No this was not a salad. It was the tostada with chicken. The owner did give me a fair warning that it would be difficult to eat but regardless the right way to eat it is with your hands. No utensils allowed. I listened obediently and attempted to eat this pile of food without the aid of a fork or spoon. Let's just say within 2 bites the whole thing fell apart BUT I still continued on eating with my hands. It didn't look pretty while I was eating but I managed to gobble it all down. It was yummy but once again too little meat.

Here was the burrito with pork in mole sauce. Can you spot the meat? I sure can't but it was hidden somewhere in that wrap. I didn't really enjoy this too much since all I tasted was the wrap and rice. Starch after starch with a bit of protein here and there.

To wash it all down I got this apple flavored carbonated drink. It was either this or some sangria bottle and the owner recommended this saying it was much more sweeter tasting over the other. Great recommendation. My cousin loved it so much she bought one for boyfriend as well.

The portions itself were filling but meat-wise I wanted more. Can't believe I got all this for $12. Now that is cheap eats.


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Anonymous said...

My favourite fast food Mexican place! I always get a half & half burrito (I too can never decide on a filling, so usually pick 2) and about 1/2 the time also take home a few tomales! I've never noticed the burritos to be low on meat, but I never get lettuce and tomatoes (salad?) in a burrito. It just seems... wrong, to me. The tomales are yummy, though I do notice they are generous on the dumpling and little low on the filling. But they are yummy nevertheless; and I am not about to expend the work required to make them. So these will do when it comes to satisfying my craving. Above all though, I have to say the service is terrific! The owner always has a big smile and now that I am a semi-regular, having that "I know you" back & forth is nice.

Eat Here Next said...

yes i agree the owner was friendly

it was my first time there so i didnt know how to order but will listen to you and ask them to hold the lettuce & tomatoes so it doesnt end up looking like a salad again lol

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