Friday, April 1, 2011

Pizzeria Libretto

I recently joined twitter because I wanted to attend these tweetups I kept reading about on Stella's blog. Stella (aka @foodieyu), is an amazing food blogger and a serious foodie. Definitely check out her blog called Food Junkie Chronicles. Also it's because of her blog I wanted to try the duck confit pizza at Pizzeria Libretto.

Earlier this week I was just catching up on my tweets and I saw a retweet about Pizzeria Libretto from Alfonso (aka @msgfonz), also another amazing foodie I met on Twitter who also has an awesome food blog called FoodbyFonz. Also some of his posts are stuff he cooked up in his own kitchen. Double SHABAM!!! I also love going onto Foodspotting to look at all his foodie pix. Believe me once you are on that site you can be on it for hours. Picture after picture of mouthwatering shots of yummy food. These 2 cool foodies were my first 2 followers on Twitter so we were bound to meet up eventually in person and of course somewhere that involves food.

Ok back to Pizzeria Libretto. They have a prix fixe menu which ends on March 31st. I was estatic since this was on my list to try and the deal makes it an even better reason to go check it out. Problem was I couldn't find anyone to go with on such short notice. So I tweeted my frustrations that I wanted to go to the pizzeria but got no one to go with. Then Stella and Alfonso came to the rescue. (My foodie heros). After tweeting back and forth, finally a date and time was set. Yayyy!!! I never met either one of them before so I was kinda nervous yet very excited to meet my new foodie friends.

I arrived at the restaurant around 5:30pm. There was no lineup nor wait. There were only a few tables of patrons. I got seated at a table by the end of the bar.

While waiting for my twitter friends I took a couple of shots of the restaurant. It was a long narrow room where one wall was lined abundantly with artwork and the opposite wall was a splash of bright grassy green. At the end of the room is the open kitchen where you can see the cooks working diligently on preparing the food.

Here is the $25 prix fixe dinner menu.

While waiting I was getting hungrier and hungrier by the minute and especially with all this food that was being passed around. I started tweeting trying to rush my foodies to hurry on over. Finally they both arrived around 6pm. Also one more thing the place was packed at around 5:50pm. I don't know how it even got filled so quickly. All I remember was snapping some pictures and doing some tweeting and then by the time I looked up there were no empty tables around me anymore.

After all the hellos and chitchat we got down to business. After a few minutes of contemplation I waved the server over and began ordering.

Here was the complimentary bread. It was really fluffy and yummy. I believe their breads are from the Thuet bakery. Well that's what it said on the menu. Once this came we all took out our electronics and started snapping away. Finally I didn't have to scream "WAIT" so I can take a picture of the food. It was nice to finally not feel rushed and can take all the time needed. Especially when I'm with my boyfriend he's just holding his fork giving me a "Are you done yet?" kinda look. It was amusing though all of us snapping a picture of this simple bread basket. The same procedure continued for all the remaining dishes.

Here was another complimentary dish. I don't really know what it was since the server was mumbling when he arrived with it. When I took a bite the first thing that came to mind was "funky". Stella was wondering if it was funky in a good way or a bad way. I just said funky haha. Just shows you my skills at critiquing. Not very good lol. I believe there's some sort of cheese since that's where the funkiness derived from (btw I like cheese and this wasn't bad cheese it was just different for me), some walnuts and some sort of dressing placed on a single endive lettuce. My companions enjoyed it and didn't think it was funky so guess it was just me.

Here was the arugula salad with sliced pears, piave cheese garnished with walnut pieces and drizzled with blackberry empire apple vinaigrette. I really enjoyed this salad. It was invigorating and refreshing. The arugula was crisp and the sweetness of the pears balanced perfectly well with the intense bold flavor of the piave cheese. I can eat this salad everyday. Good call on this one Alfonso:)

Here was the beet caprese salad with Cookstown seedlings, Ontarios Fiore di latte, basil all splashed with a bit of olive oil. Another crowd pleaser. I found this dish very tasty as well. If you don't like beets you haven't tried this dish yet. Great recommendation on this one Stella:)

The last remaining antipasto is the crocche di patate which were Neapolitan potato croquettes. I thought these were delicious as well. It was a great start to the meal. All the antipasti did not disappoint at all.

Now, the one I've been waiting for and tweeting about all day. The duck confit pizza. It was worth the hype. It was undeniably sumptuous. The sweetness of the sliced pieces of Bosc pears, the juiciness of the tender shredded chunks of duck confit all layered in mozzarella cheese. It was simply exquisite.

Here was the house-made sausage pizza with caramelized onions, mozzarella and chili oil.

Here was the hot peppers pizza with tomato, house-made sausage and mozzarella. All the pizzas were fantastic. Even though they were all thin crust I was pretty stuffed. Also it did not taste doughy like some pizza places. Maybe it has to do with the wheat flour they used called Italian Caputo doppio zero that is supposedly the most highly refined and softest flour used by many European chefs and bakers.

Here is a snapshot of our hard core foodies hard at work. It's serious stuff. Do not disturb or even dare touch the food. I mean just look at the cameras they use you know they mean business unlike me with my little iPhone.

Lastly our desserts. I had the tiramisu. It was too creamy for me. There was not enough cake at the bottom so got sick of it after a few bites. I was actually looking forward to eating my vegan chocolate cupcake that I had bought earlier at OMG Baked Goodness.

Stella and Alfonso both had the lemon panna cotta. I personally don't like any lemon flavor but I tried a spoonful just to see how it tasted. It is smack-in-your-face lemony. Not my kind of thing but they both enjoyed their dessert.

I had an amazing time with my newly found foodie friends. Thank god for twitter. Without twitter I wouldn't have made new BFF's (Best Foodies Forever). Thanks again guys for accompanying me and can't wait for all the upcoming food adventures/tweetups=D


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The Food Junkie said...

Awww what a great post! So sweet of you to mention us haha =D I am so glad you liked the duck confit pizza cuz you know how much I hype it up ^_^ Thanks for the vegan cupcake it was so yummy! See you soon~

iflookscouldfill said...

I love Pizzaria Libretto! I've never tried the duck confit pizza, though. I might have to make another trip there soon. :)

Karen Ling said...

@foodjunkie thx glad you enjoyed thank you for introducing me to the duck im gonna brag bout it to my friends muahahahahah

@ifllokscouldfill it was my first time there & my sole reason for going was that's definitely worth the trip:)

kiki's B.F.F said...

yummmmmm =P my fave pizza... have to go back soon

4M said...

Great post - I want to go try the duck confit pizza now :) Also nice pics, looks like all those cameras were well worth it ;)

-Nancy (soda_ninja)

Karen Ling said...

@ kiki i wanna go back too it was soooo good

@4M thx Nancy glad you liked it but i'm sure Stella's & Alfonso's pix turned out way better since they had real cameras lol

crazycoz said...

My bf has a camera like theirs. I'll try to steal if for you, so you can join in on the fun lol and your dessert looks exactly the same as our creme brulee!!

Karen Ling said...

really cool haha then again dunno if would know know how to use it lol

Karen Ling said...

my tiramisu wasnt that great...creme brulee is way better than this

huongkongy said...

thank you for the welcome on my blog!

i love pizza and i was drooling when i saw the pictures
though the overall bill seemed a bit pricy, i am still going to try this place out on your recommendation :)!

-xoxo A

ps, i saw your comment about how you only have your little iphone in comparison to the dslr-looking cameras, i know EXACTLY how you feel hahaha *iphone high5*

Karen Ling said...

hey thank you for following food bloggers gotta support one another:)

actually when u calculate it it's pretty much $28 per person which is probably what you would pay for $25 winter/summerlicious...of course tip is extra so it's pretty reasonable

regardless definitely a must try:)

hahaha *iphone high5* i like that

SpatulaGeek said...

Love your blog!

My fave food is Duck confit and that pizza is making me drool!

I can't drag my friends to either here or Queen Margherita. :( It's not because they don't like pizza because we've been to Chicago style pizza and other other places in Richmond Hill like Dante's.

When the next iphone (5 or 4S) comes out then I might ditch my old sony point and shoot camera.

Eat Here Next said...

@spatulageek thx for checkin out my blog...hey if u need company for libretto count me in i love their duck confit i just got my iphone 4 so wont be planning to switch anytime soon

SpatulaGeek said...

I will take you up on that offer soon! Maybe so time mid to late june then? Do you have my email address?

Early Saturday afternoon I will be going to porchetta and co for some soft shell crab action! Already talked to a friend and if he can wake up early enough then he will meet me there.

Eat Here Next said...

nope dont have ur email where do I find it?

lucky you i still need to find someone to go wit if i didnt had to work i would so join u

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