Friday, April 29, 2011

Forte Bistro

I bought a voucher for Forte Bistro and I was really looking forward to trying this place out. The menu is enough to entice anyone.

The bistro is located on Richmond street but I later discovered there was another entrance as well. From the outside the place looked pretty tiny but remember that saying "Looks can be deceiving" well it certainly applies in this case. The restaurant was huge with very tall ceilings and a whole lot of space.

The layout was of a u-shape. Here on one side was the sushi lounge. It was the other entrance I was mentioning about. I think it faces York street.

We were seated in the section which appears to be for theatre goers since the Four Seasons was just around the corner. They even have a theatre menu for those with tickets and I have to say the service was very fast for those diners since they were on a time constraint.

I really like the seating here. I just love sitting in a booth. Also the wall looked very interesting. I was curious as to whether it was hard or whether it was made of some plush material. I wanted to touch it but there were already people seated so it would have just been awkward and weird lol. I should've touched it when I was taking pictures. Oh well. I don't normally do this just in case you're wondering but the wall was really intriguing to me for some reason. Ok back to Forte.

Here was the complimentary bread with some sort of hummus I think.

Here was the miso salmon roll with saikyo mayo, shiso and Asian pear salad. For a place to serve both continental and sushi cuisine I have to say they rocked the sushi roll. It was delicious. The salmon was slightly cooked on the edges which gave it a nice texture. The touch of sweetness from the Asian pear was yummy.

Here was the crispy confit frog legs with petit salad and truffled olive tapanade. I never tried frog legs before so this was a first for me. I was expecting it to be gooey and slimy but it wasn't at all disgusting. It was quite enjoyable except for the many tiny bones.

Here was the slow-cooked rabbit with olives, tomato fondue and fresh egg yolk pasta. My friend said it taste like chicken. The great thing about this dish was there were no tiny bones to pick out just pure rabbit meat. My friend really enjoyed his dish and it was his first time trying rabbit.

Here was the casseolette of duck confit, pork belly and garlic sausage. O-mi-god this was fatty but so very tasty. Although there was duck fat pooling at the bottom of the dish this was scrumptious. The duck was super tender and juicy.

Take a look at this piece of meat. It's so shiny looking guess from all the duck fat it was marinating in. So so good.

For dessert here was the caramelized quince mille feuille. I really enjoyed this. The pastry was light and flaky. The fruit filling was delicious.

Here was the pear and ginger tart. This was a delight as well but I really enjoyed the previous dessert.

It was a spectacular meal. Attentive and friendly servers. Exquisite food, certainly memorable. On my next trip I have my eye on the foie gras french toast and a few other dishes and definitely want to sample some more sushi rolls.


133 Richmond Street West
(close to University)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

The duck confit looks so good... drooling right now =P

Eat Here Next said...

it was really really REALLY GOOD!!! said...

I had a bad experience here.. will blog about it soon!

Eat Here Next said...

noooo way me and fonso had an amazing dinner too bad it wasnt the same for u

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

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