Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Taste Shanghai Cuisine

When my boyfriend wants Asian food one of his fave restaurant to head to is Good Taste Shanghai Cuisine.

This place is always jam packed with people especially since it's located in Richmond Hill.

Normally when we go I always order the pan fried beef pancake roll or the dumpling with pork soup filling. Here I just let my boyfriend do the ordering since I was just too tired to think.

Here was the Chinese greens sauteed with garlic. Tasty as usual and my healthy serving of veggie.

Here was the Shanghai chow mein with pork and shrimp. It was delicious as well.

Here was the stir fried beef with green onions. Isn't it just gorgeous? Tender slices of scrumptious beef.

Last and not my favorite was the spiced spare ribs. I didn't like it because it had a curry flavor I just wasn't fond of however, the meat itself was super tender and moist. The meat fell easily off the bone. If only it didn't have that curry flavor I would have been chowing down on this dish.

Basically, a meal that never disappoints. You can always expect good tasty food from here.


Good Taste Shanghai Cuisine
505 Hwy 7 East
(close to Leslie)

Good Taste Shanghai Cuisine on Urbanspoon


huongkongy said...

OHH this place! i pass by it quite a bit, but never really had a chance to go inside.
shanghai mein is one of my favourite dishes of all time...i guess i shouldn't have checked out your foodBlog the moment i woke up, cas the pictures got me drooling and now i'm starving LOL
i will take your advice, and will eat here next!

Karen Ling said...

lol i'm drooling no matter wat time of day it is or where i see the food...either on tv or blogs or watever i want it alllll lol

hahaha yes go eat here next:)

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