Monday, April 25, 2011


Think this used to be The Friendly Greek before it became the restaurant Paramount.

At first I couldn't tell where you place the order. The counter is situated at the far end of the restaurant. I think the layout is terrible. If I was ordering takeout I would prefer the counter to be located near the entrance. I placed the order and the cashier told us that they would bring the food to our table. Make sure to grab a seat first so you know what your table number is.

Here was the menu. Short and simple. There was our table number. We chose the table closest to the order desk.

Here was the complimentary monster size pita bread. It was late at night so I didn't even touch this at all. Had to save my stomach for the real food.

Here was my chicken shawarma. The meat was dry and grainy so I only took a few bites before I completely gave up on it.

My boyfriend had the grilled mixed meat platter. The meat was succulent and juicy unlike my chicken so I ate from his plate instead. He also a few chicken pieces on his platter but don't understand why his chicken was moist and juicy while mine was dry and grainy.

There was also a bakery section as well but I didn't buy anything since I just ate a huge cup of ice cream from Menchies.

Although my dish wasn't great my boyfriend's plate satisfied both our hunger so I would return again but just won't order the shawarma.


7315 Yonge Street
(close to Steeles)

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