Sunday, April 3, 2011

St. Lawrence Market pt 2

Call off the search. My pursuit for sweet potato pie is finally over.

Ever since I watched an episode on the old tv hit series "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", I have been yearning for a sweet potato pie for quite some time now (more like forever). The one in the show where their grandma Hattie Banks always bake for Christmas. Yeah that one.

I found my pie at the St. Lawrence Market from the vendor Round Plains Plantation. They grow their own sweet potatoes so naturally all their products have sweet potato in it. Just can't get fresher than that.

Funny thing is once I was faced with the actual pie I didn't want to buy the whole pie just in case I did not like it. I ended up buying the sugar free sweet potato tart instead for only $1 which is better than spending $12 on a pie I might not enjoy. The vendor told me the filling for the tart and the pie are identical the only difference would be the crust. Finally, I get to eat my sweet potato pie, well tart, and it was not what I had pictured. I think it tasted like pumpkin pie except that it was sweeter. It was yummy but I thought it would have been a burst of sweet potato flavor but the cinnamon kind of slightly overpowered it. Maybe after all that searching my expectations kept building up or maybe I should have just bought the $12 pie. I have to make another trip and see if I can split the pie with some friends.

Here were other products that were being sold and of course, sweet potato being the name of the game. A lot of them were gluten dairy free as well.

Gluten dairy free sweet potato and cranberry walnut muffins.

Gluten dairy free chocolate sweet potato muffins.

Orange date sweet potato muffins that were gluten free, eggs free, dairy free and sugar free.

Sweet potato cookies.

Onto the next vendor which was also on my list to try, Lemon Tree Patisserie. If you read her blog you will see enticing pictures of macarons and other sweet delectables. I had my eye on the macarons so I bought 2 for $3.50. The flavors I had were caramel roasted peanut and cinnabean. I wanted the salted caramel unfortunately, they were all sold out:( I have to say the caramel roasted peanut is the BEST macaron flavor I have ever had. Truly amazing.

The other treats she had were caramel peanut cake pops and mini layer cakes. Wished I could sneak away with that huge display of goodies there.

Lower Level

Lemon Tree P√Ętisserie on Urbanspoon

Next me and Kristy wanted to try the peameal on a bacon bun from Carousal Bakery. There was constantly a lineup at this place so I was pretty excited about seeing what the fuss was all about. It was OMG-fatty good. I wanted to add some dijon mustard but seeing the lineup for the condiments made me turn around and walk away. I was hungry and I couldn't wait any longer. The peameal bacon was juicy and meaty delicious. The bun was fresh and went perfectly well with the bacon.

They even displayed a poster which shows Emeril's approval. BAM!!! If he says it's good then it's BAM good.

Carousel Bakery

Carousel Bakery Ltd on Urbanspoon

I also got one elk pepperette to try. It costed $1. Tasted like beef. I'm not sure how elk taste but this was just ok for me. I prefer my turkey sticks over this.

I can't remember the name of the vendor but they specialized in game meat. Look at the variety of selections available. From wild boar prosciutto to bison rib eye steak to ostrich sirloin.

I love the farmers market. Wish there was one uptown. I would go there everyday to shop even though I don't cook lol.


amysfoodadventures said...

The peameal on a bacon bun looks sooo good! O.M.G. I haven't been to the market in ages; guess I should make a trip there soon!

crazycoz said...

There's a farmer's market at downsview park every weekend. I don't know if the food is good, but I always see a full parking lot when I pass by.

I'm done all my assignments, so let's go eat next week before I have exams and then vietnam! Oh yeaaaaaah!!

Karen Ling said...

Amy that sandwich was amazing...i have to go back and buy more goodies i luv that market...always a new find each trip

Karen Ling said...

no way the Downsview one SUCKS!!! absolutely nothing unless they've changed but the last time i was there didn't wanna buy anything i just wanted to get out lol

yayyy FINALLY missing my food partner here...booooooo vietnam sucks dont go:P

crazycoz said...

You just hating cause you can't come hahaha! I'll take pictures of my daily pho. "This is the 10 cent pho, and this is the $5 pho and this is the overpriced $15 pho at a tourist trap.."

I'm looking at your list right now. I tried Memphis BBQ at CNE and the pulled pork is REALLY YUMMY! Green Eggplant was good too, but nothing spectacular.

Karen Ling said...


lol now u look at my list wth!!! said...

Yummm...I love that peameal bacon stand. And that patisserie is off the hook (if it's the one I'm thinking of - it's right at the bottom of the stairs, yeah?) They've got a fab selection of Dufflet's products!

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