Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rancho Relaxo

I bought a voucher for Rancho Relaxo.

We arrived around 9:30pm or so and the place was half filled with patrons.

Me and my sister-in-law got seated at a tiny table for 2 since there were only 2 of us. We told our waiter, Jorge, that we will require a bigger table since we will be eating quite a bit of food. He didn't believe us and said he will be the judge of that. Later on I guess when the food was ready he figured we were right after all so he moved us to a bigger table. A 6 seater one lol. He should have listened to us in the first place. Never assume Asian girls can't eat.

Here were some random shots of the decor. Definitely a Mexican feel when you look around.

Here was my sangria. I had a tough day so I was in need of a drink. Albeit it's a girly drink but what can I say I can't take the hard stuff. I like my drinks where I can't taste the alcohol. I usually order a daiquiri but thought I would try something new. It was delish.

My sister-in-law got a beer unlike my girly drink however, she jugged down her first drink too quickly and ended up getting another drink. Here was her margarita. I personally HATE HATE HATE tequila so I cannot drink this. The thought of tequila makes me gag. I think it taste like stale medicine.

Here was the complimentary tortilla chips and salsa. The salsa was too watery so I snacked on the chips more until my companion pulled it away from me and told me to save my stomach for the real food lol. After seeing other people's dish we were kinda intimidated. The portions were enormous.

Here we have were the chicken tamales wrapped in banana leaf. It tasted like the Chinese sticky rice with fillings in it like ground pork or salted eggs. It wasn't extraordinary but it wasn't bad either.

Here was the steak enchilada with spicy chocolate mole sauce. I never tasted mole sauce before and I remembered seeing it on Top Chef Masters where Chef Rick Moonen made some sort of mole sauce. It sounded interesting. Don't think this tasted anything like Rick's sauce but we thought it was delicious.

Here was the highlight of our meal, the fish tacos. The fish was extra crispy and absolutely sumptuous. The tacos practically disappeared within seconds after it arrived. The first bite was WOW and then another bite and then another till I was like 'That's it?!!'. I wanted MORE!!!

All the entrees came with a serving of refried beans and some sort of sweet mango salad.

I tried to finish everything but when we noticed it was 11:15pm we had to get going so that we wouldn't miss the last train otherwise I think we could've finished our food. Well if my sister-in-law wasn't on a meat strike we would have finished everything. Then again more food for me hehe but man was I stuffed. I was pretty much wobbling to the bus stop lol.


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Anonymous said...

This looks so yummy! I've never tried Mexican food before unless you count the Old El Paso taco kits lol :P

And if you're talking about last subway train, it ends at 1-2am everyday so you didn't need to rush!

Karen Ling said...

lol that doesnt count haha but it is still good

can't do that then i miss my last bus lol

hungry(college)monkey said...

this place looks amazing, def comin here next!

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