Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decadent Desserts

Located on the concourse level at the First Canadian Place this dessert place serves up some yummy delectables that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Decadent Desserts was pretty hard for me to find since I don't know my way around underground. The only information I had was it was located at 100 King Street West. I walked back and forth and tried looking at the map yet just couldn't find this place. I gave up and ended up calling for directions. The person who answered sounded like she was in a hurry and quickly replied that they were located in the Bank of Montreal building. Hmmm very helpful there considering I walked past the bank several times and still did not find it.

Finally I found the place. It was located across from the Longos market. Man it was a journey searching for this tiny place. The things I do for my sweets.

The majority of their sweets are either from Dufflet or La Rocca.

After browsing through the display and wiping off a bit of drool I settled on two items. I couldn't decide if I wanted either the baby truffle cake or the pistachio chocolate crunch.

The baby truffle cake is a flourless chocolate souffle cake layered with creamy chocolate mousse finished with a chocolate ruffle and a dusting of edible gold. The pistachio chocolate crunch is made of milk chocolate truffle and chocolate sponge topped with a layer of pistachio mouse and crisp chocolate pearls. After reading that which would you choose?

I was leaning towards the souffle but since I was told the pistachio was much more lighter I opted for the latter since I was meeting a friend for dinner so I wanted a light snack.

It was luscious. Felt like I was floating on a cloud of sweet airy goodness. The chocolate pearls were a nice crunchy touch. Great treat before dinner. Then again I can eat sweets at any time of the day or night.


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amysfoodadventures said...

Haha I was gonna get the baby truffle cake last time when I was at Dufflet. It looked so nice, but I got the dacquoise instead. Now if I want Dufflet, I'm just gonna hop over to Garden Basket near my home. They have Dufflet tarts, cucakes, and cakes there; less expensive too!

Eat Here Next said...

where's Garden Basket?

i wanna try the La Rocca cakes I heard they were suppose to be really good as well...if you do try the truffle cake lemme know how it taste:)

Food Safety Certification said...

This looks like Heaven! Is it? I also want to taste the Baby Truffle Cake. It looks so chocolatey! Feel like I wanna float while eating it.

Eat Here Next said...

yes it was heaven...gotta still try the baby truffle cake wonder if it will be heavenly as well

Anonymous said...

Their red velvet cake is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Dena Yard said...
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Dena Yard said...
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Dena Yard said...

The cakes look delicious. I will definitely try them since they're affordable. Thanks for posting. gluten free desserts

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