Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sun's Kitchen

Last weekend I had a craving for the noodles at Sun's Kitchen so we finally drove out to Pacific Mall to get my noodles. Although it is located in the food court, do not and I repeat DO NOT be fooled. This kitchen always has a constant flow of customers lining up and with good reason to. The food is delicious and cheap, You just can't go wrong here.

You can't miss this place either. Just follow the loud thumping noises you will hear once you enter the vicinity. Also it's the busiest counter in the food court. Now the noise you hear is actually this guy who creates the fresh noodles by pulling and whipping it against the table. I tried to take a picture of him but he just moved too quickly for me. Pulled the noodle then whipped it a few times then threw it in the kitchen then came back out and repeated the process. I swear all within a few seconds. The same procedure over and over again. Noodle master hard at work where he takes his whipping seriously.

Here is part of the menu. I can't read the Chinese characters even though I'm Chinese I just order like any other non-Asian person would. I point at the picture and say, "I want that one!" Just kidding I just tell them the item number.

Here was my bowl of noodles. It's #16 on the menu. It's basically slices of boiled chicken and julienned cucumbers on top of a mountain of fresh hand-pulled noodles, garnished with parsley and drenched in some sort of sesame seasoning. Sounds simple but it's always the simple things that taste the best. Believe me the flavors weren't so simple here. I love the flavor of sesame although I think there might be some sort of soybean flavor in here as well but not quite sure. This is my favorite noodle here. I don't order anything else. Actually I don't think I've tried anything else before lol. Hmm maybe I should try something else but every single time I go there I can't help it the number 16 just shoots right out of my mouth before I can think.

Here were some chive pancakes. Crispy yet fluffy on the inside filled with bright green chives. It was tasty.

This is on my list of best cheap eats. Homemade noodles, delicious food and great portions. One more thing all entrees come with a bowl of soup and a cup of soy milk. That's another added bonus. More bang for your buck.


Sun's Kitchen
4350 Steeles Ave. East (Food Court)
(close to Kennedy)

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iflookscouldfill said...

Mmmm! I love that place so much. I always get the hot&sour soup, and like you I find myself asking for it before I can even really think about whether I might like to try something else. :)

Eat Here Next said...

hahaha ok i will try the hot & sour soup and you can try my noodle dish;)

crazycoz said...

When we're at pmall, Alex always orders the noodles from this place too lol :)

Eat Here Next said...

lol when am i gonna meet this "Alex" guy:P

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