Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh...My...God!!!!!!!!!! I now claim Terroni as the BEST place for FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE. They have by far the most amazing chocolate cake oozing with dark chocolate floating in a pool of white chocolate ganache. The name of it on the menu is Torta Calda al Cioccolato which I cannot pronounce but it was definitely memorable. One word to describe this cake was ORGASMIC. That's the first word that popped in my head. Every bite that me and my friend took it sounded like... well let's just say we really really REALLY enjoyed that cake. Funny thing was that I ordered the hazelnut gelato for myself since I figured one of my friends was ordering the cake and another was ordering gelato with a shot of expresso so more variety to sample from. Man oh man I wished I had ordered the cake all for myself. Instead I kept stealing a few bites from my friend's dessert. Thanks Viv for being so kind enough to share although I know you wanted it all for yourself:)

Normally I start from the beginning but this was just too good to leave it till the end. It just shows you how much I just love this dessert.

To start from the beginning, I went out for dinner with 2 of my girlfriends on a Wednesday night. They chose Terroni located in midtown close to Yonge and St. Clair.

One of the girls marked it as her territory so nobody else was allowed to claim it as their "pizza spot" nor even take a bite of her pizza. Wow she must really like this place to be making those demands. Now she has got me curious as to what was so good about this place?

We started off with the grilled calamari. It was placed over a bed of salad. It was well prepared but lacked a bit of seasoning for me.

Next our entrees.

One of my friends had the seafood tagliolini. It looks like a lot with the pile of pasta and bunch of mussels lying around but when I actually looked closer aside from the mussels there was one of everything else. Hence, one scallop, one shrimp and one squid. Wow that definitely is a seafood medley since technically there is a variety of seafood in the mix. Not impressed there; nonetheless, my friend said it was delicious. The pastas were freshly handmade so it made up for the limited quantity of seafood.

Next here were the 2 super thin crust pizzas. I can't remember which pizza my friend had ordered since there was a wide variety of options and on top of that I can't even pronounce the names; however, I do remember mine since my pizza was supposedly a house favorite recommended by the waitress, the smendozzata. The toppings were tomato, mozzarella, homemade spicy Italian sausage, gorgonzola and red onions. At first it didn't look appealing to me with the patches of green which looks like something was rotting but looks are definitely deceiving here. It was delicious. All the pizzas were prepared in the traditional wood burning ovens.

The portions were really good here. I couldn't finish my pizza so ended up packing it in a doggie bag. My boyfriend ate the leftovers when I got home and he said it was good.
The food at Terroni was good but the highlight of the meal was the cake. Going to make another trip next week solely for the chocolate cake. I'm drooling already just thinking about that tasty chocolate delight. Mmmmm...chocolate:)


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Chee said...

Mmmm...the food looks yum here and you keep raving about this "orgasmic" flourless choco cake...definitely a new way to describe food ;) haha I'll have to try it one day since I'm a HUGE dessert fan! Although it doesn't look that lies in the eyes of the beholder right? =P It's what's on the insides that counts ;) Even for cakes! *drool* You're definitely raising the bar Karen!

Karen Ling said...


true true...believe me the pix here just doesn't do it justice...u just have to go try it out yourself and then you tell me how would you describe it

i'm sure u will be making those mmmmm sounds hehe

actually tell me when ur going so i can eat some more cake too:)

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