Thursday, March 31, 2011

OMG Baked Goodness

Seriously O-M-G!!!

I got off work early today so I had some time to kill before meeting up with some foodie friends for dinner.

I decided to check out OMG Baked Goodness since it was nearby. It was featured on the tv show "Toronto Dining" and I have been wanting to try this place for quite some time since I seen that episode. Finally I was in the area so I made my visit.

I love the pretty artwork on the walls it really gave it a nice warm feeling to the place. There is a huge open space behind the counter and some machinery near the far end of the wall. Guess that is where all the OMG baked goodness comes from since everything is prepared fresh daily.

Since the place was empty I took my sweet time taking pictures. Kind of disappointed with a few pictures since it turned out a bit blurry. Oh well I tried.

Here are some huge double chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

Here are spicy ginger and cinnamon chocolate chip cookies. I bought one cinnamon cookie. I took a bite and it was delicious. Full of cinnamon flavor and yummy chocolate goodness in between.

Here is their infamous vegan chocolate cupcake that I've heard so much about on twitter as well as seen on the show.

I bought the mini versions of the cupcakes. It was pretty darn delicious. Light, airy and decadently mmm mmm good. Wished I gotten the regular sized cupcakes the minis were just a tease. I never had vegan cupcakes before and I have to say I loved it. Think I want to try more vegan food now lol.

I also bought the dulce de leche cheesecake. I haven't tried it yet since I'm so stuffed from dinner but will try it tomorrow.

I think these are scones and some tart or pie. Sorry I don't really remember too busy snapping photos.

Here are hazelnut meringue with chocolate ganache filling in the centre. I purchased this as well and will try it tomorrow.

Here are pumpkin cranberry sticky toffee puddings.

Here are lemon poppyseed angel cakes with citrus glaze.

Here are flourless chocolate tortes which I was considering on buying but ended up choosing the cheesecake instead since the server told me it was one of the bestsellers. Hope I made the right choice.

Here are sweet beet and cream pies and maple syrup butter tarts.

Here are walnut brownies and one last smores brownie.

Here are stuffed focaccias, feta and spinach turnovers and roasted vegetable and cheese turnovers.

Here is their fresh and very humongous focaccia bread.

Everything looked so decadent and mouthwatering I'm surprised I walked out with only a few items. Then again I didn't really have that much money on me lol hence the small purchase. So far I only ate the cupcakes and they were OMG goooooooood. I definitely have to return again and this time I will not hold back.


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kiki's B.F.F said...

went there when it first open and I don't remember them having so much variety, but remember loving the vegan chocolate cupcake... so good taht I have 2 regular size one on the same day =P
have to go back to take a look =D

Karen Ling said...

i saw a review on yelp that they had beef tongue croissant but I didn't see it...did you?

i have to go back & get a regular size cupcake hehe

got to meet ur girl Stella last nite...we talked a bit bout ur khao san road post...i have to go try out Sukhothai just to see how it compares to Khao San

kiki's B.F.F said...

so you 2 gurls went to Pizzeria Libretto last night?!? Aww... teh 3 of us should come out together sometimes =D

Karen Ling said...


too bad ur not on twitter:P

kiki's B.F.F said...

my phone is really slow... I'm waiting to switch to a better one in May, then I'll join for sure =P

Karen Ling said...

lol ok cant question is where should we go eat???

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