Friday, April 8, 2011

Dragon Pearl

This is definitely the biggest Chinese buffet I have ever been to. Wait how big is the Mandarin buffet in Brampton? Might be the same size I'm not sure since I have only been there once.

Sorry off track here. Back to the Dragon Pearl.

It's funny you would expect to see a dragon of some sort since the restaurant's name has the word 'Dragon' in it but what I saw at the front of the restaurant was this weird faceless blue creature with may I say some huge pearls hehe playing a guitar. I thought it was placed there by accident or something but after entering the restaurant I found that it was part of the decor. I still don't know what it's suppose to be or how it's related to the Asian theme. Guess that will be a mystery I will never uncover.

Now this definitely goes with the Asian decor. Everybody likes a happy smiling Buddha.

The waiting area was definitely unique. A whole row of statues of animal zodiac signs.

This is my animal, the rooster. Don't get me mad or I will peck at you hehe. Man why couldn't I be something cute like the rabbit or playful like the monkey lol.

Here was something pretty cool. The chef was flinging a single thin strand of noodle continuously into a boiling pot. This picture was the best I could capture since the guy was whipping it so fast that it was just a blur in the snapshot.

Here was the dessert table. I didn't really take any pix of the other stations since there were just too many people wondering about.

I thought the teapot looked nice so I snapped a photo of it. The holder is actually heart-shaped.

A piece of card is placed for each individual at a table so you can only get one serving for whatever is the special of the day. Tonight it was shrimp. On weekends I believe it's lobster. I did not eat the shrimp but my boyfriend found it to be really mush so it wasn't at all appetizing.

Here was my first plate of food. I had grilled pineapple, some stir fried veggies, sushi pizza, sweet potato pancakes and BBQ beef ribs. The best item on this place was the grilled pineapple. It was really juicy and sweet. The remaining items were just mediocre to me nothing that really excited me.

The salmon here was pretty fresh. The crispy salmon skin was horrendous. It just tasted way too fishy for me. The sushi rolls were okay considering it was an AYCE.

Here was my last plate of food. It included black peppered beef, spicy green beans, yam, baked salmon, tofu and some ketchup-flavored noodles which I guess was suppose to be pad thai. The only thing I enjoyed in this round was the yam. Everything else was just eh.

For dessert nothing caught my eye so I settled on this sweet soy/tofu dish. The 3 or 4 spoons of honey I added definitely sweetened it up and made it more enjoyable.

I also had the coffee flavored ice cream sprinkled well more like a huge scoop of cookie crumbs lol. It was just okay as well.

To end the meal can't forget our fortune cookies. I don't remember what mine said but it was one of those that don't make sense lol.

Overall, the buffet was just eh to me. Nothing wow and nothing too horrible. The only points I give is for the decor and the size of the place.

Me and my sister-in-law had differing opinions as to which buffet was better, Dragon Pearl or Mandarin. She thought this place was better than Mandarin. C'mon what other buffet offers all-you-can-eat CRAB LEGS. The only thing I will hand to Dragon Pearl was their sushi bar. It was way better than Mandarin but other than that they can't hold a candle next to Mandarin.

TOTAL BILL $23 (per person)...ONCE IS ENOUGH!!!

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Teena in Toronto said...

We were there last night ... it was good.

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