Friday, July 15, 2011

Tekka Sushi

Here's a quick post.

Since we had a voucher, me and my coworker went for lunch at Tekka.

The black dragon roll was my fave. Gotta luv my BBQ eel:)

The smoke and fire roll which was smoke salmon on shrimp dynamite roll was delish.

The only reason why I ordered the caterpillar roll was because it looked really pretty on the menu. When it arrived, it didn't look like the picture:(

When you look at the other side all I saw was pure rice. One of my least fave here.

The teriyaki beef roll didn't look appealing but it tasted ok. Wasn't horrible but I wouldn't order it again. It was just boring.

My coworker got the chicken teriyaki bento box which came with miso soup, salad, rice, california roll, ice cream and fruit. He enjoyed his bento box but he prefers the one at Tako since it's much more cheaper and you get more bang for your buck.

For his ice cream he chose the mango flavor.

At first I wanted to try the deep fried ice cream however, they were sold out. I ended up getting black sesame ice cream. It was ok but once again I still like the one at Inatei and Aoyama.

Overall, I would return again and I would stick with the unagi and salmon. Hopefully next time they will not run out on the deep fried ice cream.


107 Parkway Forest Dr., unit 1
(Sheppard & 404)

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Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't try the fried ice cream... it was a super thick layer of flour rolled around the ice cream and fried, however the flower wasn't cooked and it was soooo thick and dry, we just peeled it of with the fork and ate the ice cream...

Eat Here Next said...

oh no then next time i wont be ordering that...thanks for letting me know:)

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