Thursday, July 14, 2011

Le Cafe Michi

From the outside it kinda looked sketchy. I wasn't sure if I was at the right restaurant but the sign read Le Cafe Michi so in I went.

It was a small and narrow restaurant with about maybe 10 tables or so. Me and my girlfriend ended up sitting across from the sushi bar since it was empty there. We talk loud or actually I talk loud so it was nice to have the whole room to ourself.

We both had our eyes on the unatama dinner special which was barbecued eel, green onions and simmered egg on rice. The special also came with miso soup, salad and get this, CAKE. First time seeing a combo that came with cake rather than ice cream. Yayyy! This was insanely delicious. It sucked that I had to share otherwise I would have finished the whole plate on my own.

Here was the chyo-chin bento which came with garden salad and a slice of CAKE as well. What was interesting was the way it was plated. The dish here actually holds 3 separate dishes in one. Each dish was stacked on one another.

Here is how it looks once you separate each layer. Cool eh?!

The top layer was deep fried chicken with some sort of sauce. It was scrumptious.

In the middle we have fresh slices of sashimi.

Finally was the unagi on sushi rice. This piece of unagi was prepared differently from the previous unagi dish. It was tasty but me and my girlfriend both agreed that there was just something more spectacular about the first dish. Maybe it was the gooey egg I'm not sure. Regardless, both entrees were yummy.

Last but definitely not least, our desserts.

We were allowed to choose from any of the cakes on display at the counter. It was difficult to decide but we finally stopped drooling and picked our cakes.

Here was the sake Japanese cake. I found this too bitter for me or maybe it was the sake that turned me off so I didn't really like this cake. Don't know why we chose sake flavor since both of us aren't really drinkers. Guess we just wanted to try something new. Should've gotten the hazelnut cake instead.

Now this was the perfect end to a wonderful meal, green tea cake. Since it was green tea flavor I was expecting a bitter taste yet I was surprised to find a light airy sweet cake. The red bean layers in the middle added a nice sweet touch to the cake. It was not heavy at all. Once again it was sad that I had to share this. Next time I return, I'm ordering this all for myself.

Look at the cake. We were lucky there was any left. Should've figured out this was the bestseller. Oh well now I know what to order:)


Le Cafe Michi
1802 Pharmacy Ave.
(south of Sheppard)

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The Food Junkie said...

Haven't been to Cafe Michi in ages. Always want to go back but never end up going! Great food there.

SpatulaGeek said...

There is a second location opened up. I think it is right besides a car wash and before Mikado Japanese.

Chee said...

it sucked that you had to share the unatama dinner? i think you mean that it sucks that I had to share ;) lol great place for good eats! thanks for bringing me here! =D

Eat Here Next said...

yes the food was absolutely yummy have to return again and get me more of that unatama and green tea cake...this time im not sharing hehe

Ingrid said...

I love Le Cafe Michi! Glad you had a great experience as well :-)

Eat Here Next said...

@ingrid i have to return again some day and try their other food...but rite now im drooling for their unagi

Grace said...

LOVE Le Cafe Michi! =D
Try the Cafe Au Lait Chirashi next time! the assorted sashimi are so fresh & yummy! and the sushi rice is so good! YUMMY!


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