Friday, July 8, 2011


I wanted to try the fish & chips from Chippy's for a while but sadly it just wasn't good at all.

Me and my friend decided to split the cod.

One thing we don't understand is, why are we being charged for the tartar sauce? Doesn't fish and tartar sauce come hand in hand. You simply can't have one without the other. That just did not make sense at all. Greedy lil guys charging for something that is a must have when it comes to fish.

It came in a simple lil box piled with fries and the cod was just sticking out of the box looking like it's ready to tip over at any moment.

That was one big cod. Portion was definitely generous however, both the cod and the fries lacked seasoning. Also the cod was not fried long enough. The exterior wasn't crispy enough and the cod was very bland. Also while I was eating I found a piece of paper towel in my fish. The staff were very friendly and apologetic and offered me a full refund. Unfortunately, after this experience I don't think I would want to return. The paper towel didn't bother me too much it was the lack of flavoring and the texture of everything that turned me off.


893 Queen St. West
(b/n Bathurst & Ossington)

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Anonymous said...

You're one serious foodie, "The paper towel didn't bother me too much it was the lack of flavoring and the texture of everything that turned me off." roflmao. You are serious about your food, lol

Eat Here Next said...

hahaha yes if the food is really good i will let some things slide:)

Jess said...

That's just disappointing...I've been meaning to try Chippy's for a while now. They charge for tartar sauce? Geez, that really sucks. I could understand if they were charging only for extra sauce...

Have you tried Penrose fish and chips? Someone recommended that to me the other day!

SpatulaGeek said...

I didn't like their style of batter and didn't feel like I got value out of the meal. The battered fish has to look almost like it's inflated balloon for me.

Here's BlogTO Top 10

The best value would be at Harbord. They give you a tonne of fries and the large and cooked nicely. I love how they wrap the takeout orders like how a butcher would bundle up meat with the peach paper! Also Menchie's is a block or two away for desserts!

My favorite is still British Style. They cook the fish perfectly to a beautiful golden color and never feels greasy or dry. The fries is generous enough without feeling stuffed. What really surprised me is how many people called in ahead of time for their order to drive by and pick it up to go. It's right across the street from a police station so I wonder how many cops go there for lunch?

Eat Here Next said...

Penrose & Olde york is on my list to try so hope it's better than Chippy's

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