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That is the name of the $68 fish we had at Inatei.

I heard a lot of great reviews for this place so since I was in the area I decided to give this place a try.

Since we were seated across from the oysters I couldn't help snapping a photo. But I didn't order any oysters so dunno how they taste here.

To start off, we ordered the spicy tuna roll. You can tell that they prepare their rice with a lil TLC. The rice was all puffed out none were broken at all so it just popped in your mouth. Unlike some places, the rice is mushy and falls apart easily just at the touch of it.

Here was the zaru soba noodles with quail egg and ponzu sauce. The noodles were perfectly cooked and the sauce was well seasoned and flavorful.

Now here was the fish of the day, the umazura. I have no clue what the English name is for this fish. I also wished I had taken a picture of the fish before it was all cut up. But just look at it. Isn't it a beautiful presentation? Let's just say I snapped quite a few shots of this gorgeous display of raw meat.

Here is a closer look at the dark meat. The texture was quite unique and the taste was clean. No fishy taste at all if you know what I mean.

Here is a shot of what's left of the fish.

Check out the teeth on this vertebrate. Scary looking isn't it?

This might look disgusting but like I said I took many shots of this dish. Also at $68 damn rite I'm gonna take a lot of pix lol.

Here we have the chicken wing stuffed with dumpling.

See the dumpling inside. I was so excited to try this but it fell flat for me. It was bland. Don't know what happened to the seasoning or maybe I just had high expectations for this but it was a major disappointment for me. At $3.99 a piece what a complete letdown it was.

With our fish came this soup. It was certainly fishy but in a good way. I'm pretty sure it was healthy too since I think the flavor of the broth came from fish bones and shellfishes.

Here was the deep fried soft shell crab. It was just ok nothing spectacular about it but certainly pricey at $10.99 for this small crabby fellow.

For desserts I had my eye on the tofu cheesecake unfortunately, the waiter told us he wouldn't recommend ordering it. Apparently it just wasn't up to par that day. It was nice that he told us the truth which shows that they really do care about the kind of food they serve.

He gave us complimentary green tea tiramisu since we couldn't get the cheesecake. It tasted like any cake you would grab at a Chinese bakery except lots of green tea flavor here. I wouldn't call it a tiramisu but hey it was free so can't really complain there.

Of course I had to order the black sesame ice cream. I think it taste similar to the one at Aoyama Sushi. Wonder if they use the same supplier for this ice cream. Big question is, can I buy a bucket for myself?

Overall I had a fantastic experience at Inatei minus the few mishaps. I also appreciate the fact that the waiter was honest with me which shows they do care about the quality of their food and what they serve. Next time think I will just stick with the sushi and sashimi.


9021 Leslie Street, Unit 7 & 8
(north of Hwy 7)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I wouldn't have omakase here.. their sushi/sashimi is pretty good. Glad it's a "eat here next" :)

Eat Here Next said...

for that price im glad too it's "eat here next":)

Mary said...

I like that they stick a wooden stick throught the fish corpse the same way at all japanese places. haha!

Another good post Karen! I subbed to you so looking forward to some more of your eating adventures! =)

kiki's B.F.F said...

great post, love how many picture you took of the fish =D LOL

the soft shell crab that I had last time looks much fattier and yummier (>_<)

Eat Here Next said...

@mary thx lol i also sub urs as well...cant wait to read bout ur mary adventures:)

@kiki haha of course it was so pretty i had to take it from every angle...i know ur crab looked so much more yummier than mine...guess it's just my luck...didnt get the tofu cheesecake either :(

Jing Loh said...

They need to brush the teeth of that fish! Great presentation though and I'm sure it was tasty! Omakase!

Eat Here Next said...

some flossing too along wit the brushing as well hehe...OMAKASE:)

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