Thursday, July 28, 2011

Burger's Priest

OMG so worth the hype.

Finally I get my hands on one of the most talked bout burgers in the city. I can see why all the rave about The Burger's Priest. It's really really and I mean REALLY good.

Every time I think bout heading there I keep forgetting they are closed on Sundays.

I rarely head this far east so one day since I was nearby I got my coworker to go with me since he lives in the area. Surprisingly, even he never been there either and he lives literally 5 minutes away.

Here is the regular menu. There's also a secret menu as well which wasn't displayed hence "secret" but it is available if you know the name of the burger you want. Since I was going rock climbing right after I couldn't eat too much (didn't want to show all the climbers what I ate once I reached the top lol don't think that would be a pretty sight) so I stuck with the regular menu.

I got the priest since @chopstickhero highly recommended it. Man he was rite. It was beefy-licious. The priest is a combination of 2 burgers, the cheeseburger and the option. The option consists of 2 large portobello mushrooms filled with cheese then covered in some sort of batter and then deep fried. It was un-FREAKIN-believable. I could feel my heart momentarily stop to savor the burger and all it's beefy goodness. It was juicy and bursting with cheesy meaty flavor. Dang I want a burger now.

I have to return and try one of the items from the secret menu. Wonder if it will really make my heart stop lol. I hear the ones on the secret menu are twice the size of the regular burgers and I thought the priest was already big enough.


1636 Queen St. East
(east of Coxwell)

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SpatulaGeek said...

If you can handle the Priest then you have to challenge yourself to face Judgement Day. I don't think two people can finish that one.

It's a wonder how harvey's is still open across the street!

iflookscouldfill said...

Most of the ones on the secret menu are actually just variations on the ones on the regular menu, so they're not really bigger, just different. For example, one is just the cheeseburger grilled with grainy mustard (and it's AMAZING)!

I love Burgers Priest but I try not to go there too often because I doubt it's very good for me. :)

kiki's B.F.F said...

yummmmmmmm.... i need to head there for one of this really really soon =P

Nicole said...

I KNOW - it is SO good.... I've had The High Priest - it's what the Big Mac dreams of being one day.... DO IT.... I want to try The Vatican City next !!

Eat Here Next said...

omg i dunno wat to order on the secret menu i want to try them all but it's bad enough already that i cant fit into my jeans;(

Anonymous said...

Not bad burgers, but not the best out there. What I can't understand is what the blazes is up with fries? Greasy, undercooked lumps of potato, why does someone think that is at all appetizing?
If anything it's a sin at best.

Anonymous said...

It looks delicious, I will taste that burger

Anonymous said...

Casa di Giorgio take-out pizza next door is my fave! Willing to eat it behind Harvey's in the park(ing lot)

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