Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pho Bistro

I am Vietnamese and surprisingly I haven't blogged about Vietnamese food yet so thought I would change that.

Pho Bistro serves up a mixture of Vietnamese and Thai food.

I normally go to the train one aka Xe Lua or another one along Keele St. Sorry I don't know the name of it since it's in Vietnamese so will try to look at it the next time I go there.

My boyfriend brought me to Pho Bistro since he said the pho was pretty good. Also it's a nice change from the regular pho places that we go to.

We went here twice in a row so this post will be combining both trips.

I love my avocado milkshake and simply just have to order that every time I'm at a pho place. It's so creamy and refreshing it just hits the spot every time. Also I love the taste of avocados as well.

My boyfriend normally orders the iced coffee. I find it too bitter for my taste buds I prefer the HK style coffee like the one at Phoenix.

My boyfriend had pho nam sach which is rice noodle soup with well done beef and tripe. The soup was flavorful and not watered down unlike some places and the meat was bountiful and tasty.

Since it was also a Thai place I decided to give the pad thai a try. It's definitely not comparable to Khao San Road since it had the tomato sauce flavor to it but it was still yummy and oh so filling.

Our second trip.

For starters we got the nem nuong and shrimp roll.

Nem nuong are grilled pork. I'm pretty picky with this item since there's a certain texture and flavor that I like. This was a bit dry but the seasoning was there.

The shrimp roll was delicious.

My boyfriend had the pork and chicken rice dish topped with a fried egg. The chicken was moist and juicy and the pork was tasty as well.

I had bun thit nuong which was rice vermicelli with grilled pork. There was an abundance of meat but not enough noodles nevertheless, it was scrumptious.

This is now one of our fave pho places to head to not only cause it's nearby but because the food is yummy and cheap. With pho places you can always expect to leave with a full tummy and not a huge dent on your wallet.


Pho Bistro
100 Steeles Ave. West
(west of Yonge)

Pho Bistro on Urbanspoon


SpatulaGeek said...

Didn't know you were Vietnamese. I Learned something new today!

I always think they don't add enough condense milk for the iced coffee. I think I can put that on anything!

It's great to get the grilled items in the summer since it feels like having a bbq.

What kind of sauce was that for the shrimp rolls? It looks so dark it doesn't look like the regular fish sauce.

SpatulaGeek said...

Speaking of Pho... Have you been to Wonder Pho near your work? I just passed by that mall going to Galleria this weekend. The reviews from yelp are all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Like Greek, I didn't know you were Vietnamese as well, I always thought you were Korean for some reason. Never tried Vietnamese food, I guess it's time to fix that.

Are you heading down to the Danforth this weekend?

Eat Here Next said...

i think it's just reg hoisin never been to wonder pho my colleagues dt like it

lol cause i do eat at a lot of Korean restaurants maybe that's why u thought i was Korean;)

u should definitely give Vietnamese food a try go for it;)

noooooo way...i hate crowds nite it up and food truck eats already traumatized me...cant stand more food events/festivals for me

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