Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mi Ne

My mommy called me and said she was bored. Since I was hungry I ended up taking her out for dinner at Mi Ne.

I ordered seaweed salad for my mom since she loves seaweed salad.

I got the maki set C with the 8 piece dynamite roll and 8 piece spider roll. I also ordered 2 other rolls. I was going to order more but the waitress stopped me and said that was already more than enough. She was right. In fact it was too much. We ended up doggie bagging a quarter of it.

When the sushi arrived, I couldn't help smiling from ear to ear. It was so pretty and colorful. I took so many pictures that my mom kinda got impatient and was ready to dig in with her chopsticks.

Here was the spider roll. You can hardly see the rice which was a first. Some sushi places pile it with rice so you get full quicker. Here, they definitely did not pull that trick.

Our waitress highly recommended the orangeville roll since she said it was one of their most popular rolls. It came with spicy scallop, tobiko, avocado, cucumber, crab meat all wrapped in fresh pieces of salmon. It was scrumptious. Once again it was rolled with less rice and lots of yummy good stuff.

Here was the green dragon roll with shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, tobiko wrapped with avocado. It was yummy as well.

All the rolls were humongous and delicious. I got filled pretty quickly or maybe I ate too fast since I was pretty hungry.

When the bill arrived I thought it was a bit pricey since I only had 4 rolls plus miso soup and seaweed salad. Then again the rolls were gigantic and it wasn't filled with purely rice so I can see the justification.


10815 Yonge St.
(north of Elgin)

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SpatulaGeek said...

This would be a nice change from AYCE sushi the next time I'm up there with friends. Thanks!

Mary said...

I actually live close to MiNe so I eat there all the time! Try their tempura, it's AMAZINGG!

marzz said...

I'm so close to MiNe. And really... could their rolls get any bigger? Love it there, the rolls are delish, although service can be slow.

Eat Here Next said...

yes will need to return and try out the other dishes..this time im bringing my boyfriend to help me finish everything so no doggie bag again:)

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