Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fire on the East Side

Fire on the East Side. Nothing to say except bland, bland, blaaaaand!

The service was great but wish I could say the same about the meal.

The only dish that was acceptable were the crab cakes. Finally a place that serves crab cakes with actual crab meat.

Look at the abundance of crab meat I was able to grab with my fork. The flavoring had a bit of a kick to it from the chipotle sauce but the meat itself was a bit salty. But it definitely had more flavor than the remaining dishes combined.

Here was the tilapia po boy. Don't be fooled by the picture but it was much more bigger in person. My mouth dropped at the sight of this monstrosity.

See how humongous the buttermilk biscuit is. It was suppose to be cheesy however, me and my girlfriend both found the biscuit to be tasteless and dry.

The cajun cole slaw just tasted like regular cole slaw and look at the amount of it. It was so little. The tilapia was gigantic yet they only gave a spoonful of the cole slaw. It was so plain I had to ask the waiter for ketchup just to even eat this dish. The only thing we liked about this dish were the sweet potato fries. At least they was seasoned perfectly.

Here another under seasoned dish, the jambalaya. It was a mixture of shrimp, crab, mussels and chorizo sausage with saffron rice pilaf and mixed peppers in a red wine tomato sauce. It sounded more flavorful on the menu than in the actual dish. I couldn't even taste the tomato sauce it was so bland I even wanted to squirt some ketchup on this as well. But after a few spoonfuls I just got bored of this dish. Didn't even want to touch it anymore.

The menu was enticing sadly the food just didn't match up.


6 Gloucester St.
(close to Wellesley Station)

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Anonymous said...

This post totally bums me out since I bought a dinner deal from groupon....oh so sad...Thank you for you post though, I love stopping by to see all your photos. Makes me hungry everytime, regardless of the review's outcome.

Eat Here Next said...

hey maybe i just ordered the wrong items maybe u might have a better experience than least u have a voucher so it's better than paying regular price if the food turns out bad

thx for checkin out my blog if it makes u hungry then at least my pix came to some good use:)

Anonymous said...

I actually eat here all the time as it's in my neighborhood! The southern fried chicken is amazing! Also the bacon wrapped beef tenderloin if I feel like spoiling myself.

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