Sunday, July 3, 2011

Toronto's First Food Truck Eats...Finally!!!

After watching The Amazing Food Truck Race and Eat St., I have been wondering as to why Toronto didn't have any gourmet food trucks or at least other than the ones you see downtown in front of City Hall.

On July 2, 2011, Toronto finally was on the food truck scene thanks to Suresh Doss aka @spotlightcity who organized the event, Food Truck Eats. (#foodtruckeats)

The event was held at the Distillery District. I got there with a few other tweeps at around 11:30 or so thanks to @deguzzi's pimpin ride. It really beats riding the bus on such a hot sunny day. The event was from 11-3. I couldn't believe how insane it was. It was jam packed with people.

Luckily, @manleyh, @mgip and @omakase_ninja were already there. They devised a plan where each person will line up at a different vendor and will buy food for the whole gang. So me and @lu_amy7 were told to go line up at the truck, El Gastronomo Vagabundo. Here was the back of the line. I couldn't even see the truck. Needless to say, after 5 minutes we gave up.

But thanks to @manleyh, @mgip and @omakase_ninja, we were able to sample food from at least 2 spots.

Here was the menu from Simple Fish & Chips.

The cajun catfish taco ($4) was yummy but man was it messy to eat. The sauces kept dripping from both ends. Part of @sandwongsta's sauce dripped on both my legs as well too lol. Let's just say there was a lot of sauce all over the floor at the district.

This was my favorite of the two, the wasabi lobster slider ($4). It was refreshing and filled with meaty juicy lobster meat. So delicious I wanted to eat 10 of these but the lineup scared me away from going back for more.

Last was the grilled cheese sandwich from Gorilla Cheese.

Here was the Canadian lumber jack ($5) with bacon, granny smith apple slices, maple syrup and Jensen's old Canadian cheddar. Cheese and bacon. What's not to love bout this sandwich? This was cheesy and very filling. The apples were a nice touch of tartness to cut from all the greasiness as well as the sweetness of the grilled cheese.

For more pictures of this event, click here.

The next Food Truck Eats will be August 20th. If you missed this one then mark your calendars for the second event. There's suppose to be more trucks, more food and more surprises. Make sure to arrive extra early or be prepared to wait for a very long time.

Thanks again to @manleyh, @mgip and @omakase_ninja for grabbing the gang food. You guys are awesome. Next time the rest of us will wait in line:)


Anonymous said...

That pic of the lobster sliders is soo pretty XD I really enjoyed it! 'Twas yummy.

Eat Here Next said...

man wished we got more of that it was really good

Betty Martha said...

Great post - I too posted about our "short" visit to the Distillery yesterday, you're lucky you got to sample - we gave up!

Jing Loh said...

I loved the cajun catfish tacos! Canadian lumber jack was a bit oily, but completely filled me up! What a great event and great seeing all of you too!

Eat Here Next said...

@Betty aww that's too bad but at least theere's 2 more events u can go to:)

@Jing yes great seeing u too and once again thx for lining up:)

kiki's B.F.F said...

after lining up for around an hour for Simple Eats when we are 3/4 through, we were told by passerby that there was only less than 10 portion left and told us not to waste our time... I went to the booth and ask the guy about it and they confirm that.... I was so mad, he could at least give a shout out and as ppl to pass the word and tell ppl that's still lining up... geez.... so mad

Eat Here Next said...

@kiki that's why we didnt wait for the gastronomo one cause one of the guys told us they might not have enuff food but that's pretty bad that they didnt say anything..thank god there was no riot lol cause when i'm hungry and mad that's not a great combination imagine if everyone else all went berserk on them lol

marzz said...

I wish we'd met up. We arrived at 11:30 and surveyed all the offerings. My 18yo decided to line up for grilled cheese, 30 minutes later and not much closer, we gave up and settled for the choripan (chorizo on a bun) and tamales, where the line was shorter. We enjoyed this far away from the crowd at a quiet alley near the gallery and shops. By the time we were ready for a second round of anything, the lines were far too long. I was lucky to get the scrumptious and refreshing kulfi just before we left for the serenity of mylk uncookies.

I'd like to see the trucks and other vendors spread out through the area(not bunched up near the parking lots where the trucks were) next time, and some way to figure out which vendor you're lining up for.

Before heading back to the 'burbs we headed for Porchetta&Co where we had the best porchetta sandwiches, and didn't have to line up!

All in all, a great day, but it would've been nice to meet you :)

SpatulaGeek said...

Reading the tweets I really wanted to see all of you guys. I'm working on my post now for the truck stop. I met up with a group of Chowhounders and we did the same. I lined up for simple eats and yeah that stuff was great. The lineup was not as bad as gorilla cheese. We decided not to get the grilled cheese since it was something you can make at home. Looking at it now I kind of regret not getting it. I don't know how guys got the sandwich. The lineups were insane for just 30min just after opening! I don't think the vendors realized how many people showed up. How are they going to fit more trucks and stalls in that tiny area?

Mary said...

I actually loved watching the food truck race! For that reason alone I want to go to LA and try the nom nom truck!

But man, this looks amazing! my friend was telling me about this, and I'm sad I didn't get to attend because I was away in Las Vegas this weekend! will definitely keep my eyes peeled for this again in August!

Landman said...

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