Sunday, July 10, 2011

Phoenix aka Golden Phoenix

I like this place so much I went here 3 times in a row.

Phoenix is a cha chaan teng where they serve Hong Kong style cafe kind of food. Now to those who can't read Chinese we know it as Phoenix but to those who can read it's actually called Golden Phoenix. Whatever the name is, they serve really good food and very generous portions.

This post will be displaying all the food I had during each of my trip.

Before I begin, the one thing that is a MUST HAVE is the HK coffee tea drink. I ordered it every single time that I came. It was the best one I've had so far. Soooo refreshing and so good. I want one NOW!!!

Dinner #1.

Once we entered the restaurant my boyfriend was eying a bowl of noodles at a table next to us. He didn't even ask what it was. He just said I want to eat what that person is eating.

Here was the noodles he got. It was some sort of curry noodle soup with chunks of beef. I didn't taste this but my boyfriend slurped down the whole bowl. He sure enjoyed it.

I had the fried chicken steak and baked pork chop with gravy sauce. It was sooooo yummy. Well seasoned and perfectly cooked. The gravy sauce was so good I wanted to lick the plate clean.

For dessert, we got the crepe with black sesame ice cream. Although the presentation was nice the crepe itself was mediocre to me. Also the ice cream wasn't as tasty as the one I had at Inatei or Aoyama.

Dinner #2.

After the Food Truck Eats, a bunch of us decided to head to Phoenix for dinner. Now I only got to taste 2 entrees so I can't comment on the rest.

Here was Matt's dish. Some sort of cheesy spaghetti with a huge pastry on top.

Manley's shrimp rice.

Chris' chicken dish which kinda looked boring and smaller than the rest of us.

Sandon's fish with oyster mushrooms. This was delicious. The fish was flaky and flavorful.

Amy's dish had some sort of creamy mushroom sauce.

Here was my dish, beef with garlic gravy sauce. It was yummy. I think my dish looked and tasted the best out of all the dishes here. You just can't go wrong with beef and gravy^_^

For dessert, we all splitted the Napolean. It was monstrous. Just a huge tower of flaky creamy goodness.

Dinner #3.

This time I got the beef with black pepper sauce. It was tasty but there was just too much black pepper for me. It was pretty overpowering since I was coughing a bit here and there. I think my fave sauce is the regular gravy sauce or the garlic sauce.

Here was some sort of noodles with beef. The noodles should have been cooked a little longer to absorb all the seasoning then it would have tasted a bit better.

Does this dish look familiar? Well it's the dish I had on my very first visit. This time around my boyfriend ordered it since he liked it the first time I had it. Still good.

I have to say the menu is overwhelming since there's just too many choices to choose from but I think it's a safe bet to stick with the gravy sauces. Mmmmm gravy. Make sure to try the HK coffee tea and the Napoleon as well.

TOTAL BILL $7-9 per dish...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

Phoenix Restaurant
7155 Woodbine Ave.
(north of Steeles)

Phoenix Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Joan said...

Hmm I wonder if this restaurant is owned by the same person who owns the Phoenix Restaurant up around Hwy 7 and Mccowan since that one is also one of the better Chinese cafe eats in Markham.

Jing Loh said...

Perfect HK coffee and love the chicken rice! Can't believe you ate here 3 times in a week!

Eat Here Next said...

Joan I believe they have 3 locations in total so the one by mccowan might be the same franchise as well...i've only been to the woodbine location since it's more closer to me:)

jing i think i ate here 3 times in a row lol said...

Their crepe sucks :P But the Mille-feuille is good :)

@sandviper said...

Best cold HK tea!

marzz said...

You better believe I'm gonna eat here next. You had me at the HK coffee tea.

Looking forward to your next review,

Eat Here Next said...

i want one too now lol wonder how late it's opened till

Eat Here Next said...

should we have a tea-up:)

SpatulaGeek said...

Sounds like you're going to be the new mayor of Phoenix at this rate!

Does the HK coffee come without sugar? I add a crazy amount of sugar otherwise it's really bitter from the places I've been to. For this type of food my friends and I go to Goldsor or Firefly around hwy 7. Amy and Manley's dish are some of my favorites. Black pepper beef is one thing I will always order and send back if there isn't enough fresh black pepper in it. I want it as spicy as hotwings and not subtle like a peppercorn sauce.

That napolean is one of the best looking desserts from these eateries. Was that black sesame ice cream at the bottom as well?

Mary said...

That Napolean looks AMAZINGGG. I go to phoenix quite often myself, and I always end up ordering the Hainanese chicken! it's so goood! give it a try next time!

Eat Here Next said...

@spatula i am the mayor already haha and no i didnt have to add sugar it was perfect the way it was

@mary u know wat a friend recommended it to me but i couldnt find it on the menu lol will try that next time i go

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