Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brunch @ Stockyards

Once again, it's just all hype.

I went to Stockyards last year for the sandwiches and ribs and I found it was just mediocre.

This time I returned for brunch since the menu was enticing coupled with the great reviews I figured why not.

Last Sunday we arrived around 12:30 and the place was jammed packed. Not only diners but the takeout line was crazy too. The place is really tiny so it was kinda claustrophobic standing inside so we gave our name and waited outside. Fifteen minutes later, we finally got a seat.

We knew what we wanted so we placed our order immediately after our waitress seated us. We were starving and it didn't help sitting directly in front of where all the food was prepared. Huge tease:(

We didn't get our food till at least 45 minutes later. That's how insane it was.

The smoked meat hash came with deep fried poached eggs. Soooooo so bland. If you want smoked meat hash I highly recommend Caplansky's. Now that is what you call smoked meat hash. This was just a pile of flavorless meat with even more tasteless poached eggs. Complete fail here.

My boyfriend had the whole 9 stockyards with deep fried poached eggs, bacon, sausage, roasted potato, pit beans, fried green tomato and multigrain bread. He said the best thing on the plate were the beans. Hmmm not so good. Once again the eggs were flavorless and the texture was not very pleasing. Also the fried green tomato tasted kinda funky. I wondered if it was stale or is that how it's suppose to taste? Either way I was not a fan of that.

Lastly, the infamous fried chicken and waffle with chili maple molasses citrus glaze. The chicken could use a bit more seasoning but seeing how busy it was I noticed they just rushed everything. They also should've fried the chicken a bit longer to get that crispy crunch on the outer layer. As for the waffle it was just waffle. Think I prefer Eggo waffles instead.

Also I wanted the beignet which was on the menu but apparently, they no longer offer it which was really disappointing since that was on my list to try. Oh well, just my luck that it wasn't really a great brunch experience. None of the dishes gave me any good reason to return.


699 St. Clair West
(west of Bathurst)

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Michael said...

too bad, I've always had a good brunch experience there. Not much of a secret, but go early. We had our food within 10 mins and we watched them carefully cook it.

Jess said...

Oh no, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it. You should've ordered the eggs tommy - hands down my favourite eggs benny in the city! My boyfriend once ordered the hash, which I agree isn't the greatest.
i haven't been in a while... but they no longer have the beignets? that's SO disappointing! those were amazing! it was part of the reason why we came back several times..

Eat Here Next said...

@mike dang just my luck oh well onto the next brunch place on my many places to try;)

@Jess i was pretty upset to discover they no longer serve beignets it was kinda one of the top reason for me to go there aside from tryin their chicken & waffle which was really nothing special

Swivl said...

Oh god this place is delicious, I stopped eating out during the week (except for maybe grand electric :-) so I could slam back a chicken n waffles every weekend.

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