Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mongolian Grill

Here is a quick post.

I went to this buffet for lunch with some coworkers. The concept is simple. Choose your meat, veggies, noodles and sauces. Then head over to the grill where it is all stir fried on a 600F grill by 2 cooks.

This is the shot of my noodles before it was cooked. This was actually my second bowl that's why it's so little. I forgot to take a pix of my first bowl since I was hungry. Also forgot to take an after picture as well. I was with my coworkers so kinda got distracted a bit.

Here was the 600F grill where the food was prepared. They use 2 wooden sticks to stir fry the food and also swoop all the items into a bowl which was kinda cool to watch.

Dessert table looked mouthwatering.

I only had my eye on the chocolate fountain.

The strawberries were sweet and once the chocolate hardened it was even better.

My noodles were delish but that's about it. The cooked food section wasn't so great. I would stick with the grill and of course a must have is the dessert. Although I don't remember what items I chose for my noodles, it was yummy. Also good alternative for work lunch since not too many choices in the area.

TOTAL BILL $14 per person...MAY EAT AGAIN?!

900 Don Mills Road
(south of Lawrence)

Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill on Urbanspoon


SpatulaGeek said...

I haven't been to this one but I've been to the one at Market Village. The desserts here looks much better at this place but I didn't see any shaved ice machine. The shaved ice with condensed milk, red bean and custard / pudding was the best part of the meal. It's not quite a Halo-Halo from Max but it's DIY so you can add anything you want!

One friend brought a a bowl of just meat and sauce to the line. The first chef sent it back balked and sent it back. The second chef didn't care and cooked it. This makes it even cheaper than korean bbq! lol

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