Friday, June 3, 2011

Tako Sushi

One of my coworkers took me to a sushi place for lunch.

Tako is located right next door to Gonoe where I took my mommy for dinner to celebrate mother's day.

We both ended up ordering one of the bento boxes.

This was my colleague's meal. He had the kyoto meal with miso soup, cucumber roll, california roll, veggies, salad and chicken teriyaki.

I had the curry kobe which came with everything my colleague had except for chicken teriyaki I opted for the Japanese style curry chicken. Look at how crispy the chicken was. The curry came in a pretty big bowl. The curry was yummy but it tasted kinda similar to the package ones that you get at the Asian supermarket. It made me wonder but nevertheless, it was a pretty decent lunch. The sushi rolls were mediocre so nothing special there. Besides can't really expect too much when you order the bento boxes. Also cucumber & california rolls are items I don't normally order.

To end our meal, we had a bowl of ice cream. I got green tea while he got mango. I forgot to take a picture since our waitress brought us our bill before even bringing over our dessert so was kinda rushing to eat it.

Love to go out for lunch during work but hate returning after. Me and my colleague had such a great time we did not want to leave at all.

When we finally decided to haul our butts back it was pretty hard staying awake for the remainder of the day.

Now I know where to head to when I want sushi for lunch. Gonna try to order from the a la carte next time.

Thanks Braydon for a great lunch now where should we eat next?!


1300 Don Mills Road
(b/n York Mills & Lawrence)

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Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful meal Karen!
Let me know when we are going for breakfast.
Bray. xoxo

Eat Here Next said...

awww u actually looked at my blog...i definitely will Bray u can count on many more meals to come:)

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