Monday, July 25, 2011

Patisserie La Cigogne

Here's a quick post.

After some serious shoe shopping, I decided to take my friend to Patisserie La Cigogne.

This is the first thing you see when you enter, a whole array of pretty lil cakes. I was drooling at the display. My friend tells me we have to eat real food first before buying cake. Fiiiine I say.

Almond croissant was yummy. Toasted almonds on top, flaky pastry with almond paste on the inside mmmmmm. I love almond croissants always a great choice.

The croque madame which was toasted brioche layered with ham, Swiss cheese and topped with a fried egg. It was tasty but I thought there was suppose to be some sort of sauce with it like a bechamel sauce or something. $8.75 for this just did not seem right at all.

Finally, CAKE! We decided to split the barcarra which was crunchy pistachio, light caramel cream and dark chocolate ganache filled with peaches. Looking at it I was expecting a soft creamy texture instead it was a bit hard which was a surprise. Don't know if it was in the fridge too long or was it suppose to be like that. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. I don't know what it was. Maybe too much cream?

I'm still curious as to how the other cakes taste since they look so pretty. I wanted to buy a macaron but they only sold it in packages which sucks. Are their macarons that yummy that they don't even have to sell it individually? Guess I will have to return again and find out for myself.


1626 Bayview Ave.
(south of Eglinton)

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The FCC Fairy said...

I think your friend is wrong - isn't eating dessert first supposed to be better for your digestion? LOL.

I love cream so that cake looks perfect for me.

Anonymous said...

I also love almond croissants, that one looks like it was bursting with paste, you can see it oozing out the side. The bacarra looks good, I can see why you chose it. No espresso?

SpatulaGeek said...

It's more fun having the dessert first!

A Mornay or Bechamel is not mandatory for it. Many places makes a poor bechamel that could ruin the whole thing. I'd rather not have it than have a poor one smothering all over my food.

They are bucking the trend to not sell them individually I suppose. I don't know if I can trust them if they only sell it in packages. How did the cream look like?

Eat Here Next said...

@FCC hmmm ur rite good reply i will tell her that next time hehe

sry no expresso for me...i dont really drink coffee much except maybe ice cap from timmies but yes the almond croissant was delish...can never go wrong wit almond croissants;)

@spatula my thoughts exactly why dont they sell it individually i just dt understand...macarons arent cheap and to buy a package i dunno bout that

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