Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches


Like that isn't good enough already, we got it for freeeeeeee^_^

After our brunch at Lady Marmalade, me, @aarietta & @lu_amy7 went to Bobbette & Belle for some desserts.

We ate these last but I just had to start my post off with these monstrous delights.

French macarons are already a hit. Now add ice cream to it. O-M-G!!! Just pure genius. Why haven't I seen this sooner???

At Bobbette & Belle, this was their first time creating this combination and we got to try it out first. Yayyy:)

Me and Janet both got the hazelnut macaron while Amy got some flavor I just can't remember what it was. For the ice cream, both me and Amy got the mint chocolate chip ice cream (my absolute fave ice cream flavor) and Janet got the moose. Soooooooo good. I'm just salivating at the thought of it. I am certain this will be a huge hit.

Of course I had to try a macaron.

I got hazelnut and mango passion fruit. Deeeeee-licious:)

I also had my eye on the red velvet whoopie pie. Actually, it was the main reason why I wanted to head to this shop in the first place. It did not disappoint. Soft and chewy. Just simply divine.

The decor here looks like something you would see in a home magazine.

Beautiful cake display.

Other goodies on display.

For more mouthwatering pix, click here.

While posting the pix I just realized I completely forgot to try the homemade marshmallows:(

I will definitely return again. I want everything plus the marshmallow and gonna try the other treats as well.

Thanks again to our lovely server for taking good care of us and for letting us sample their awesome sandwich creation.

By the way, if you check in on Foursquare you receive a free scoop of ice cream.


1121 Queen St. East
(east of Broadview)

Bobbette & Belle on Urbanspoon

9 comments: said...

Oh my goodness, how the heck do you get your posts up so quickly and frequently?! Now I only write one review per week. Btw, the macaron I had was Cassis :)

Eat Here Next said...

lol im behind still:(

besides mine is not as descriptive as urs hehe

i keep it short & brief:)

thx i knew u will let me know sooner or later hehe so wat does cassis taste like? guess will wait to read it on ur blog:)

The Food Junkie said...

Yum I love macarons :) I wonder the same thing lol your post so much so often! I wish i can do the same :S

kiki's B.F.F said...

OMG, i need that macaroon ice cream =D
and def need to go back for the marshmallow

SpatulaGeek said...

They should put a patent on that idea! lol

Is it on the menu now? I don't think care what the price is... I WANT NOW!

marzz said...

gotta get me some of those macarons! and the place looks so cute, too. I hope Queen East isn't closed Friday for the Jazzfest.

Eat Here Next said...

awww man there's a jazzfest on fri darn i wanted to go try out burger priest;(

Marzz said...

You were so so right about Bobette&Belle! The french macaron ice cream sandwich was only $3.20 and I couldn't even finish it. And it's the prettiest cafe/bakery I've ever been to.

Eat Here Next said...

dang i wanna go back now i want another one...glad u agree cause i would be so crushed if u didnt feel the same way as i do...i really luv it

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