Sunday, October 3, 2010

Creasians BBQ

I had a voucher ($15 for $30 worth) for Creasians BBQ so decided to head downtown on Friday night. After waiting endlessly on the subway train due to some delay I finally met up with my cousin at College station.

We walked over to the restaurant which was like a two minute walk. Once we stood outside the place we took a peek through the window. The place didn't look very inviting with its depressing prison gray colored interior against a red and white patterned counter. Also the restaurant was empty except for two other male patrons. Me and my cousin were hesitant at first before we finally decided to open the door and enter the place. Guess because we were expecting a crowded joint especially since it's located in the prime downtown core on a Friday night.

We walked up to the counter and we were greeted by a friendly server. He asked if it was our first time which we replied yes. He told us about the specials and what were considered a house favourite. So we decided to go with his suggestions and here it is.

Here is the braised beef rib with some sort of sweet sauce and coconut sauce along with some rice and green snap peas. The beef was considerately tender but I found the sauce a bit too sweet for my taste. I had no clue what the pink topping was. I kept tasting it and still couldn't tell. I forgot to ask the server what it was.

The other item we ordered was the BBQ pork sandwich. It was huge and oh so good. Tender pieces of pork which melt in your mouth. It was difficult to eat the sandwich without all the juices running down your arm. It was messy but worth every bite. The highlight of the meal for us were the taro fries. It was crispy and seasoned perfectly. First time I ever had taro fries and I thought it was a hit. Think it might replace my other favorite fries, sweet potato fries.

We also had a Lychee cocktail which I think was made of lychee liqueur and probably sprite or some pop along with 3 pieces of lychees. At first my cousin was questioning whether it was strong or not since both of us like our girly drinks meaning drinks where we can't taste the alcohol at all. Well guess it wasn't strong after all since my cousin gulped the entire drink down.

For generous portions and a cheap meal Creasian BBQ was a hit for me. I have never seen taro fries offered anywhere else so for now this will be my spot for those crispy salty sticks.

As for my cousin think her new favorite drink is the lychee cocktail.


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