Sunday, October 31, 2010

Royal Teahouse

On Friday night me and my friend went to the spa for a little indulgence. Once the pampering was over we were both in a tranquilized state of mind. Calm and serene. However once we left the blissful spa our stomachs started growling. We decided to head to this Chinese restaurant called Royal Teahouse.

Boy was it a "royal" disaster.

When a restaurant specializes in a certain type of cuisine you should order whatever their house special is. Well stupid me I wanted to try something new and man was it a bad move on my part.

To start off the meal we were given complimentary soup. It was some sort of pork bone soup with vegetable and lotus nuts. It was delicious. Definitely tasted like homemade soup my mom normally makes. Too bad I can't say the same for the next 2 dishes.

Here were the dishes we wanted to "try".

Braised pork with taro and fried milk with papaya and pineapple served over a bed of broccoli. After reading the name again I'm wondering why did we ever order these in the first place. It doesn't even sound appetizing yet here are the pictures.

The pork was tender but the sauce itself was just plain horrible. I think it was smelly and not in a good way. As for the broccoli dish the fried milk caught our attention since we never tried it before but it was disgusting. I took a bite of the pineapple and immediately spitted it back out. That's how bad it was. It was so repulsive I couldn't help myself.

Unlike the last 2 dishes, the next 2 were actually enjoyable. They were both from the dim sum menu.

Here is fried pumpkin pancake and beef balls with bean curd.

I never had fried pumpkin before and it was delicious. Think there were bits of water chestnut as well which gave it a nice crunchy texture. The beef balls were average but at least it was edible unlike the previous two dishes.

Lastly we were given complimentary bowls of sweet red bean soup. It was too watery and not enough red beans.

In the end, we tried a few new dishes but 2 of them were an epic fail.

After this experience I just don't want to ever return again no matter how good their dim sum is.


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crazycoz said...

This makes me want chinese desserts. And I shall get the sweet soup this time, instead of jello and fruits LOL! What was that place called that we went to on finch? Sugar?

Karen Ling said...

yea it's Sugar

stick with the desserts....don't ever order the actual food

it's awful...taste like frozen food and they just reheated it

crazycoz said...

Fried milk with papaya and pineapple? Sounds disgusting already.. lol

Karen Ling said...

lol i know...what was I thinking:(

Chee said...

We are NOT coming back here Karen...I want to erase it from my was that bad! LOL I think we were both too caught up in trying new foods that we didn't really think about "stir fried milk with papaya and pineapple" I can't believe we both didn't catch that! One of us can be crazy but the other one has to be sound and rethink the choices...which one are you? =P

Karen Ling said...

lol i'll admit im the crazy one hehe

Karen Ling said...

actually we both wanted to try the fried milk lol so think wur both crazy haha

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