Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wildfire Wasn't So Wild After All

A couple nights ago, I went out for dinner with my family.

I decided to take my family to Wildfire since I've been there before and I remembered it was a pleasant dining experience that I thought my family would enjoy. After all I did blog about it and rated it as "Eat Here Next!!!". But after that dinner think I might change my rating to "Once is Enough!" however, in this case, twice is enough.

We ordered the potato gnoochi with wild mushrooms, truffle oil, spinach & tomatoes, the butternut squash risotto topped with seared scallops, the 16 oz. Sterling Silver Rib Steak with a side of parmesan truffle polenta fries, and the back ribs with sweet potato fries.

I only have photos for 2 dishes since it was just too dark so the pictures didn't come out as great. But believe me it was not picture-worthy.

Where should I even begin?

My risotto wasn't too bad but looking at the picture do you think this is worth $28?! I certainly don't. It's just soggy rice and THREE pieces of scallops. There aren't even any vegetables unless you count that one stem of rosemary or thyme whatever that herb is. Can't believe they can be so stingy with rice. Just look at that portion. It's just baffling how they have the nerve to charge that amount for a dish of rice and be so limited with the quantity. I just don't see the justification in that. Also after eating the scallops the value for me dropped even more. It was extremely salty. At first I thought the risotto was lacking a bit in seasoning but later discovered that all the salt was actually hiding in the scallops.

My boyfriend's gnoochi was hoooorrible!!! It was suppose to be a vegetarian dish but he requested to add some beef to the dish. They gave him 3 thinly sliced pieces of tenderloin. Wow!!! That's definitely going to feed a starving 230 lb guy. Last time he ordered the steak but this time he wanted to try the pasta. Man both of us made the wrong choice. Both pastas were just a complete disaster. His gnoochi was too soft. It wasn't cooked al dente style. The only highlight of his dish was the mushrooms. But come on you can't make a mistake when it comes to cooking mushrooms.

Now onto my brother's steak. There was just too much fat. After removing all the fat instead of a 16 oz steak it probably turned into an 8 oz steak. At least my brother still enjoyed it even though it was less meat. However the polenta fries were extremely tasteless. Felt like I was eating plain old white styrofoam (not that I have but would imagine that's how it would taste like). That side alone costed $6. It was preposterous. I can't believe they really think those bland thick mush of cornmeal sticks were worth $6. How do they come up with these prices?!!

Now onto the last dish, the Wildfire back ribs which they claimed was awarded " best ribs in North Toronto". I certainly don't agree. The BBQ sauce was good but the meat did not fall off the bone easily. I think the ribs at Montana's is way better and for $25 you can get all you can eat. The Wildfire ribs costed $30 which is $5 more and it's not even all you can eat. At least Montana's was finger licking good where you don't even care how messy it is and you get so much more in return unlike Wildfire.

This restaurant here is a perfect example of how you are paying for the ambience rather than the actual quality of the food. After this experience I just don't ever want to return again despite the fact my first time was a better experience. With so many other restaurants to choose from you're only given one chance to prove yourself. If they really have a true passion for food then every dish that comes out from their kitchen should be prepared at their best. Well that's how I think it should be otherwise why open a restaurant in the first place?!


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crazycoz said...

You risotto looks like barf! tehehe

Karen Ling said...

ewwww gee thx:P

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