Monday, October 11, 2010

Gotta Have Mussels

Last week I went over to my friend's place for dinner. Just wanted to share what we ate. There was lasagna, salad, garlic bread with cheese and last but not least, mussels.

One of my friends had this awesome mussel recipe. It's amaaaaazing. The recipe itself is so simple to make and it doesn't even take long to prepare either. The only part that requires time is just scrubbing the mussels itself. After that is done it's smooth sailing from there. The ingredients, if I remembered correctly, consisted of tomato paste, can of crushed tomatoes, onion, garlic, thyme, salt, pepper and of course, the main star, mussels. The broth is so good you just want to grab the bowl and slurp it all down. The host was yearning for the mouth watering shellfish so we went out in search of fresh mussels. We tried Metro first and nothing was available. Next was Price Choppers and got zilch. We decided to make one more attempt before we gave up and drove to Longos and voila, the search was over.

Here are the mussels. Believe me it tasted really really really good. I even used the recipe for clams and it was deeeelicious. The recipe is so versatile you can always adjust it to your own liking.

Thanks Kristy for sharing with us your yummy mussel recipe. Also thanks Mags for hosting and for craving for these sumptuous shellfish:)


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