Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gelato Simply Italian

Me and my 3 best friends bought a voucher for Gelato Simply Italian. For $13, normally valued at $25, we bought 1 kilo of authentic gourmet gelato.

At first we thought one kilo would be a huge tub but boy were we wrong on our measurements. It wasn't as big as we thought it would be. In fact it was no where close to what we imagined. We pictured it to be a huge tub of ice cream but in actuality it was the size of a take out container that you would receive at a fast food joint.

It was hilarious when we saw the actual size. One of my friends was considering whether to bring a cooler to store the gelato in the car while we went shopping and she was questioning whether it would fit into the cooler. But we didn't need it after all which was good since she forgot to bring it in the end.

When we were faced with the assortment of flavors available there were a lot of oohs and aahs coming from our mouths. We were salivating at the different colored flavors. There was chocolate mint, hazelnut, banana, peach, nougat and so much more. The owner recommended that we chose no more than 4 flavors since anymore than that our taste buds won't be as great if mixing in too many flavors so won't enjoy the gelato the way it should be. But given the variety of yummy choices facing us how can we even decide? Look at the picture above. Can you decide on the spot???

After much deliberation here is our verdict. We chose the chocolate hazelnut, pistachio, strawberry and melon.

After we had given our final decision, while our server was scooping out the gelato, the owner returned from the kitchen carrying new flavors that were not displayed at the counter. These I believe were the "gourmet" flavors such as English trifle, tiramisu and others I don't even remember. We wanted to switch flavors but seeing that the server was finished scooping we didn't want to bother her. That just means we will have to make a second trip to test out the "gourmet" flavors.

The container was covered in this pretty colorful wrapping but sadly, it was ripped apart within mere seconds since we couldn't wait any longer. With the tiny spoons they had given us, we began scooping away bit by bit.

OH MY GOD!!!!! It was the best gelato EVER. Creamy, smooth and so much better than regular ice cream. One of my friends even claimed that this was comparable to the gelato she had in Venice, Italy. Now that has to be a huge compliment since the word gelato originates from Italy itself.

This I can eat everyday. Then again I looooove ice cream so I can eat it any time, any day, any where. The best flavor is the melon. So light and refreshing. It's a burst of summer in your mouth.

Here are some other photos I snapped of but forgot to ask what it was since we were too busy contemplating on what flavors to choose.


I have to return again to this place to try the remaining flavors. These frozen dairy desserts are a must have on my list now. Wished I bought more vouchers.


Gelato Simply Italian
2076 Yonge Street
(close to Eglinton)

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Chee said...

we definitely have to make a trip back to this gelato place =)

Karen Ling said...

i know lucky Kristy works close to it

Anonymous said...

Beware! Very Rude Owner:
I have been going there since it first opened their doors. Today, i had a very unpleasant experience with the owner. I was very surprised how rude he was not to offer Kid Size ice cream portion. He was giving me the look as if he was going to take me down or punch me in the face and raising his voice in front of every other customer. He basically did not want to serve me kid size because I was not a kid. I have been to every other ice cream shop around the neighborhood specially the Hollywood Gelato and have never experienced such an ugly behavior. Imagine McDonalds rejects you if you want Kids Menu, thats absurd!! Will never go there thank you to Spin Cafe opening soon right on Yonge and Eglinton!

Eat Here Next said...

wow that's too bad...don't understand how owners can be rude though don't they understand the power of word of mouth

i can't wait for spin cafe to open too...my last experience at their Etobicoke location was a very good one so hope the new location will be as yummy as well

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