Sunday, October 24, 2010


On Friday night I went to Ippai for dinner with a friend.

At first I almost couldn't find the place since it was so dark so didn't know where it was located. According to the map it was close to Apple Creek Blvd. I drove past the road and just randomly turned into the next plaza. I almost left the plaza since I didn't see the restaurant but luckily caught a glimpse of the pink colored sign on my way out.

The menu was full of options. We didn't know what to order. Ten minutes later after browsing through the pages we settled on a few rolls and an appetizer.

Here is Okonomiyaki which is Japanese styled pancake. The word okonomi means 'what you like' or 'what you want' and yaki means 'grilled' or 'cooked'. There are a variety of toppings and batters used to create this Japanese style pancake so think the name Okonomiyaki means what do you like cooked.

I love the Japanese language. It sounds so adorable and it's fun trying to figure out how to pronounce the words. Can be a tongue twister at times but the nevertheless I would love to learn the language one day.

Out of the four flavors available we opted for the BBQ pork. The remaining flavors were seafood, chicken and beef.

This was delicious. I think the meat tasted like those BBQ pork buns from dim sum except this had other ingredients along with it which I don't quite remember what they were. The only thing I remembered were the flakes of onions on top which were moving when it arrived.

For sushi, we ordered the spider roll, spicy salmon roll, dragon roll, and some sort of hand roll my friend picked out which I'm not quite sure what it was but it was all very scrumptious.

Lastly our desserts. No matter how stuffed I am I always seem to have room for sweets.

Here we have rice cake with black sesame ice cream and green tea ice cream with fried banana tempura.

It was delicious. I never ate black sesame flavored ice cream before and this definitely was true to its name. Although the appearance looked like a lump of grey charcoal however, it was yummy.

My friend enjoyed her dessert as well but portion wise it was a meal itself. Think it could have used some sort of sauce on the tempura but other than that she thought it was decent.

The food here was pretty good but too bad I can't say the same for the service. In the beginning when we were seated our waitress was very attentive. But near the middle of the meal she completely ignored us. I wanted some more tea so I kept looking around hoping to catch her attention but she completely avoided me. There were two servers in total and neither of them cared to come and refill our teapot. They were bustling around attending to others but don't know why they wouldn't come to our table. I assure you we were not loitering we have only been there for an hour which is decent timing for a meal. We finally received our drinks after we asked for our bill.

Aside from being deprived of my tea, the food was decent. I would return to try out their ramen next. Hopefully the service will be much better the second time around.


8865 Woodbine Ave.
(b/n Hwy 7 & 16th)

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Chee said...

Looks good! So you've had okonimiyaki's before! It's not something new to you ;)

I've had it in Japan and you actually have to mix the ingredients and cook it yourself on the grill! Me and Will were newbies...we ordered 2 okonomis at the same time...we saw other couples only had 1 but we thought...1 isn't enough for the both of us.

Later we found why the hard order 1 at a time and cook 1 at a time so the food doesn't get cold and it's a sharing dish. We were trying to cook 2 and eat it at the same time. It didn't quite work cause the food got cooler a lot faster and we weren't sure to keep cooking so it doesn't burn or eat what was ready.

Moral of the Story: Cook 1, eat 1...not cook 2, eat 2. lol Yes, I know...this is a long comment ;)

Karen Ling said...

lol think i would've done the same since I'm just too greedy but i will keep that in mind if I ever get to travel to Japan

but I still wanna try the okonomi house you recommended:P

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