Sunday, September 26, 2010


I just returned from dinner at Kaori, a newly opened Japanese restaurant located in Richmond Hill which actually used to be the steakhouse Outback.

It is owned by Korean people hence in the menu there was one page near the end all dedicated to Korean dishes.

To start off the meal we received three complimentary side dishes which is normal in Korean cuisine. Here is cuttlefish, Jap Chae which is cellophane noodles stir fried in sesame oil with onion, carrots and mushrooms, and spinach. The waitress then came with a dish on the house which was stewed mackerel and radish. It was full of flavor and a very nice surprise. Also in the second picture is the shrimp and vegetable tempura. I don't normally eat shrimp tempura I just head straight for the sweet potato. My boyfriend found the shrimp tempura to be too much batter and too little shrimp. As for me the sweet potato and asparagus tempura was scrumptious.

Next is the tuna sashimi, beef sashimi with ponzu sauce, and our two salads the crab salad and seaweed salad. All were pretty standard nothing spectacular to me.

Finally the rolls. We have here the Spiderman roll, sweet potato veggie roll, and Firecracker roll. The photo at the top of the page is the Black Dragon roll. Doesn't it actually look like a dragon? When the dish came out I immediately grabbed my phone before my boyfriend could thrust his chopsticks into the pretty display. Wished I had my actual camera though instead of the camera on my outdated iPhone. All the rolls were sumptuous and very filling. Also all for only 2 people. As always me and my boyfriend ended up ordering with our eyes rather than our stomachs. We couldn't finish the rolls so ended up packing the rest in a doggie bag.

Overall, the food was good, generous portions and friendly fast service in a relaxing atmosphere with Asian decor.


30 High Tech Road
(close to Yonge & Hwy 7)

Kaori on Urbanspoon


Maggie said...

looks so delicious! can't believe you guys ordered so much food for 2 people :P

Karen Ling said...

what can I say I want it allllll hehe

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