Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Sushi

Last Friday I went out for lunch to celebrate a colleague's birthday. We went to My Sushi which was apparently my colleagues' favorite sushi joint. It was an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.

At first upon entering the restaurant me and one of my coworker were confused. There were 3 other colleagues plus my boss who drove in another car and left a few minutes earlier than us so we assumed they would have arrived at the restaurant already. Yet when we entered and didn't see any familiar faces we thought we were at the wrong location. So we called to see where they were and apparently they had taken a wrong turn. Who's fault is it? Well that I will not say since I have to show some "respect" since I am the junior one. Hmmm maybe I shouldn't have said anything at all. Oops.

Once the rest of the crew showed up we started ordering away.

While we were waiting for our food to come, my boss was telling me about one of his conspiracy theories. He thinks that at sushi buffets, you only receive about 70-80% of your order. For example, if you order 10 items you will only receive about 7 or 8 items. So you have to order more just to compensate for the ones you did not receive. Also the more you order the more rice there is piled on the sushi. I don't know if I agree with the first theory since I normally don't have a problem but with the second theory I pretty much agree. It is a buffet after all. Don't they try to stuff you with the cheap stuff so you can get full pretty quickly? I haven't been to one sushi buffet that haven't pulled that stunt.

When the food finally arrived we all began picking away with our chopsticks.

The food was pretty good considering it was a buffet. I can't really remember what I ate since I was really hungry.

Our table was next to a wall so all the food went through the people seated at the end of the table. It was like an assembly line. Grabbed a few pieces then pass it on. Note to self, never sit against the wall if I am starving. Always sit where the food is coming from.

When it was my turn to order the next round I didn't know what to choose so I just chose anything that I would have normally ordered. Think here is spider roll, sweet potato roll, black dragon, spicy tuna, and some other rolls I can't quite remember. Luckily everyone liked the majority of the food that I ordered except for one dish which normally I like but this restaurant did not prepare it very well at all. It was extremely bland. There was no seasoning whatsoever at all. It was an epic failure. It was funny how the guys called it chicken nuggets but even frozen nuggets at the grocery store tasted better than that. Let me clarify though it's not actually chicken nuggets. It's chicken katsu which is suppose to be breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet.

Also the teriyaki wasn't great as well. Maybe because of the way it was presented it just wasn't appetizing to me. There were a few pieces of meat on a tiny plate. I swear it looked like somebody couldn't finish the rest of the meat and just decided to share their leftovers with us.

Overall, I would return again but I'll just stick with the sushi. Think my favorite roll was the black dragon roll. That will be "MY SUSHI" to eat there:)

Thanks boss for an awesome lunch!!! Next time I will not order the "chicken nuggets" hehe.



Maggie said...

you got sashimi and red tuna sushi for lunch buffet? that's pretty good! usually they only give that for dinner

Karen Ling said...

actually my boss chose the dinner menu hehe

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