Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yesterday me and my friend felt like eating brunch so we went to this small little cafe close to the St. Lawrence market called Hank's.

For the drink order, I normally ask for a glass of water. Just plain old H2O. I was surprised to see it came in a jar. That was my first time seeing water served in something else rather than a glass or mug. That was pretty interesting.

My friend ordered tea and look at what it was served in. The teapot was in the shape of an elephant. It was too adorable. I just had to snap a picture. It made me want to order tea as well or even just take the cute lil elephant home with me and I hardly drink tea. For this I will make an exception.

While scanning the menu our eyes instantly fell on the egg benny and the Dutch oven pancake.

We both never had Dutch oven pancake before so we were really looking forward to trying it out.

It was de-li-cious. It was extremely light and fluffy on the inside and a bit crispy on the outside. The fruit compote and whipped cream went perfectly well with the pancake.

Normally you are suppose to eat sweets after a meal but in this case we couldn't help ourselves we had to dig into the pancake first before even touching our egg benny.

As for the benny, it was just your average benny. It had your typical poached eggs and peameal bacon atop of an English muffin covered with hollandaise sauce. Anything with peameal bacon is always good to me.


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Chee said...

Hanks was definitely a HIT! The pancakes were really good, crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside...easily the fluffiest pancake I ever tasted =)

This is definitely a hidden gem that more people should know about. Great ambiance - it's a small restaurant but really comfortable and cosy - a great place for friends to catch up over a cup of coffee and brunch. Would definitely come here again!

crazycoz said...

I want to try the pancakes! Go eat around Ryerson, so I can know what's good for lunch lol

Karen Ling said...

yea it is a great place to just hang out and enjoy a nice light brunch

question is what will you order on the next round???

Karen Ling said...

lol how about you tell me what's good to eat around there:P

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