Monday, October 4, 2010


Decided to finally try out Dozo since every time I go into the plaza for either Baton Rouge or Go For Tea I'm always curious as to how the place looks on the inside. I have a thing for going to pretty places don't know why but that's what catches my eye most of the time besides of course the actual food it serves.

Dozo is a sushi restaurant runned by Chinese people. Guess pretty obvious since it's located in Richmond Hill next to the millions of other Chinese restaurants available.The place is gorgeous inside with a trendy purple decor and crystals dangling from the ceiling making it a perfect spot for a first date or an intimate gathering. There's even some private rooms where you get to sit on the floor and eat just like in the traditional Japanese restaurants.

The titillating menu consisted of three to four pages of a variety of sumptuous food options. With so many items I didn't know what to order. I love choices but what's a girl going to do if she's just plain greedy and just wants it all.

Finally me and my boyfriend ended up ordering the Spider roll, some sort of fried shrimp crusted with almonds, tuna temaki, beef noodle soup, beef ribs, and beef sashimi with ponzu sauce.

The food was pretty good. The only item that was not worth ordering was the noodle soup. The broth was absolutely bland. My boyfriend tried adding salt and some soy sauce and it was still tasteless. Note to self stick with the sushi and appetizers next time at Dozo.

Also at the time they were offering all non alcoholic drinks for half the price. Guess because they were still fairly new but don't know if the promo is still ongoing. I ordered the red bean drink and it was delicious with the bits of red beans floating atop.

I will return again just because the place is a great hangout joint for chilling with friends and enjoying a nice conversation along with snacks here and there and of course, my red bean bubble tea. However, next time I will stay away from the soups.


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